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I'm Brooke! Glad you found me. I'm a Transformational Coach, Consultant and Human Potential Expert. 
I turn conscious, high-performing leaders into champions in their industry.

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It’s 2pm on a Friday, I am having an epiphany about something HUGE, my mind is twirling as I rearrange somethings in the entry way of my house, and it hits me…

You know that feeling you get when you travel?

That sense of freedom

That journey, that newness, that adventure

You feel it viscerally 

In your cells, in your bones

It’s as if a part of you comes back to Life

You can be yourself in a way that everyday life doesn’t lend itself to

There’s a part of you that almost sleeps in the comfort and convenience of the homesteading lifestyle, but it WAKES UP when you travel 

An explosion of creativity

You know that feeling?

And things seem to present themselves to you

You meet the right ppl at the right time 

You feel like you are being Led

You come Alive

You are provided for in ways that are unmistakably different from normal synchronicity 

Opportunities appear to unfold perfectly for you 

💡Something dawns on me as I move one piece of art from one spot to another…

And it’s HUGE

I talk about a principle of Magnetism all of the time 

It’s the first thing you see if you travel to my web site

“Be who you really are and you become a magnet for what you really want.”


What if it’s not “travel” that’s doing that 

💡What if it’s You


What if that’s you, responding to a truth much older than you are 


A very OLD part of you 

Here’s what dawns on me, like a puzzle coming together suddenly:

“Humans are nomadic by nature. 

As a species, we evolved to move and migrate. 

We walked for miles and miles and miles thousands of years ago. It’s in our cells.

Settling down didn’t occur until much later, once we discovered agriculture. 

*Settling into homes occurred AFTER WE EVOLVED into our species.*

(Stay with me)

We cannot have evolved out of that true nomadic nature at the level of genetics yet- bc evolution doesn’t happen that fast 

💡I wonder if the Freedom we feel in travel is a symptom of a surrender to part of our primal nature. 

An innate liberation, the joy of following an ancient instinct. 

Of us BEING the Nomadic animals that we are.

A remembering

💡What if “travel” is just you, following a very primal instinct. You being who you *really* are. And this is the real reason we all share an affinity for it.”


Can you feel how true what I just wrote is?


A bunch of you will bounce out now, bc that’s way too deep for a Friday 😂

But some of you will stay for the finish…


And then I thought:

“Mmmmmm biology.

What if some “problems” are not problems- they are only a symptom of simply limiting one of the most basic parts of your genetic makeup – nomadic movement.” 


This is not woo 

I haven’t used a single “woo” term here 

This is not even esoteric or spiritual 

🌬️This is biology 

This is cellular 

Epigenetic memory in the most basic of ways 

But do you notice how your “magic” comes to life when you are following the most primal, basic urge to migrate? 

Do you notice how your genius seems to conspire with EVERYTHING and everyone you meet when you travel?

Notice that?

It’s an aspect of Primal Genius®️ 

👉🏻Be who you REALLY ARE, and you become a magnet 

These are parts of you so old that you don’t realize that they are not the far reaching cries of escapism or luxury- they are basic primal longings in your heart ❤️ 

They are animal 

Fernweh, Wanderlust, Travel 

These are not fantasies of an ego 

They have been twisted by self development into feelings of chasing “a dream” or “a dream life”

But they aren’t that 

They have been twisted by a coaching industry that dangles a carrot of promises of “freedom” through “owning a bizzness” 

But they aren’t that 

They are instincts

Freedom is instinct 

It is You trying to tell you to come home to yourself 

See that?

It is an echo of a primal Voice of an entire species who has forgotten what it is


Did you catch that last line?


The majority of the world won’t get this. 

Let alone get it at the level of your genes I’m talking to.

The majority of the world is in an autopilot haze or so under resourced that survival understandably just has to take priority over philosophy 

The majority of ppl who started reading this post fell off a few lines in to go scroll for something to fix a dopamine craving (or glazed over in boredom 😂)

But you are still listening 

You feel something 

What do you feel?


Your Genius is your Power 

Your Genius is your purpose 

It is your Mission 

It is your unique Magic 

And your Primal instincts are meant to be the undying fuel that drives it 

There is no “burn out” in primal 

Your primal urges are the fire that’s meant to ignite your power into Superpower

And you require both The Primal and The Genius to fulfill your Legacy 

See that?


Ps: For the ones who don’t just consume, but make moves with insight like this, my Primal Genius®️Activation is for you. Click here to learn more

You are smart enough and resourced enough to ask me how to book one. I am here to liberate what makes you come Alive 

Pps: I am officially writing a book. This is too big to be bound by facebook. Stay tuned 😉


The Primal Truth about Why You Love Travel

January 27, 2024

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law of attraction



I'm Brooke! Glad you found me. I'm a Transformational Coach, Consultant and Human Potential Expert. 
I turn conscious, high-performing leaders into champions in their industry.

tell me more!


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