First of all: Congrats to you!!! This is a huge opportunity and I'm so glad you've taken the first step.

The best way for me to know whether we'll be a good fit together, is for us to get on the phone.

I don't speak with everyone who applies- I'm looking for motivated, action takers who are interested in powerful upleveling.

I work with people who are willing to step fully into their power, purpose and presence now. Not next month. Not next year. Now.

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My programs are by application or invitation only.

The Intensive: $1497
The VIP Day: $5,000
6 Months Next Level Coaching: $25,000
12 Months Next Level Coaching: $40,000

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Options: The Intensive, VIP Day, 6-Months Coaching, 12-Months Coaching

Options: Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Spiritual Mentoring/Mindset Coaching

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