No one can put you in a box...and frankly, you can't put me in one either

grab a glass of red or a shot of whiskey.
let me tell you a bit more about me

I am never more at ease and in my bliss than when I'm in front of a camera or an audience...

This goes back to the days of dance recitals in small town Virginia as a kid...
you know, wayyyy back in the VHS days?

I used to show horses competitively, and camera crews were around constantly catching our dressage tests or cross-country jumps mid-air.

Wherever the source was, I love the camera. Being SEEN. Being on stage. Ahhh I just love it

Performing lights me TF up. Give me tassels and fringe and feathers any day.

I even did burlesque for 6 years in Nashville

Check out the reel below...

I also grew up on my granddaddy's cattle farm.
I love Horses so much, started riding at age 8

i Can also herd cows with just my energy
(Read the blog about it)

and just feel so dang at home in the pasture on a hot summer day 

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First up?

So now it's probs obvi that I love modeling too, specifically when it comes to
pseudo 90's Guess Ads or Science Fiction. (Secretly wish a band would throw me on an album cover soon)

You can take the girl out of the theater but you really can't take the theater out of the girl. 

Creativity and imagination are huge driving forces for me. 

I LOVE feeling the inspiration to fully express.
I LOVE the way my body loves it too. I feel alive.

If you're into Sci-Fi, check out this series I did with Samantha Hearn in Nashville in April 2020.
We literally were bored in quarantine and just decided to do this on a whim. (Sam is THE BEST, hire her)

Did I mention I love dancing enough? lol


I was the youngest member of my Riding Team, and started competitive Equitation, Show Jumping and Dressage when I was 9 years old.


I LOVE two stepping and twirling at the local Honky Tonks in Nashville 


I’ve lived in England twice- it’s always felt like home to me. 


I had a Spiritual Awakening around 2003- and realized I was Intuitive, could see and read Energy and had psychic abilities around 2005...they’ve been growing ever since.


I am a total sucker for red wine...vino veritas.


I did a duet to Rob Zombie's "Dragula" for an audience of around 1000, circa 2011. And we wore chaps ;)


I will make late night runs for Ben and Jerry’s, Peach Cobbler, chocolate chip cookies or Twix- when the sweet tooth calls I usually listen. 


I performed for 6 years in Nashville, in modern dance companies and several burlesque troupes. I've been dancing since I could walk.


I tend to make animal friends wherever I go. It's kind of uncanny. I had a possum in Venice, CA for my stay there. This little seagull on the window sill every day in Cornwall. 


Sometimes I channel Aphrodite...

More fun facts!




My journey started around the age of 18, when I was both severely depressed and also discovering a passion for studying human behavior and psychology.

As my Soul Purpose would have it, I had to move through my own healing process overcoming things like Codependency,
being raped multiple times, Existential Depression, Panic Disorder, being molested at age 3, Love Addiction,
a sabotaging habit of falling for narcissists and...hiding from my Power.
Feel free to read more on the blog about my experience over-coming some of these here.

As a result, I developed a deep understanding of the inner work required to transform beliefs, mindset and perception. My process also led me through an intense Spiritual Awakening around 2003, when I learned to embrace my intuitive abilities, and use them to facilitate powerful changes for people.

From a Mental Health Tech making $10/hour in hospitals and rehabs, to a multi 6 figure Entrepreneur whose business has been featured in Thrive Global, Influencing Entrepreneur, Elephant Journal and Top 50 Podcasts. From a depressed 18 year old who cried herself to sleep every night to an inkling that there was more to life than what convention presented to me, to a deeply awakened state of being where I create my own reality.

One of the main reasons why I’m able to help my clients transform their lives, embrace their power and come home to the best version of themselves is because I understand what it takes to do so.

Aside from personally working with clients all over the world, I’m also passionate about supporting campaigns and charities for ocean conservation, coastal studies, wildlife preservation, plastic reduction and spiritual work for humanity. 

I’ve lead and co-lead Retreats and workshops in places like Ireland, Teotihuacán, Taos, Nashville and Los Angeles, was selected to give a talk at a TedX Open Mic night in Charlottesville, Virginia and have been a guest on shows like Supreme Performance TV,
Attract Positive Results, Living the Dream, The New MBA and the Hero Academy.
(You can check those media appearances out here)

I’ve coached clients in Ireland,
England, Australia,
New Zealand,
Thailand, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Canada and
the United States so far. 

If you are ready to turn your magic all the way on, shift fully into your power, presence and purpose, claim your destiny, and create the life you're actually fucking meant for, I'm here to support that.

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a bit about my story 

“You are, hands down, the most intuitive, magical soul that I have ever worked with!”

~Cleora Gillespie-Weger

I got more in 17 minutes on the phone with Brooke than I got from months with other coaches.” 

-Trish Kozola

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