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You’re so close to becoming the person you were born to be

You can see it on the horizon.

It’s as if it’s right under your nose, but you can’t quite grasp it.

But no matter how far you stretch on your own, it’s still just beyond your reach. 

Until now.

You need a new way of doing things, because you know the level you’re playing at today is nowhere near your full potential. 

Sure you’re successful. That’s a given. 
You’re already out in the world creating massive impact for people.

But you know, deep down, you’re meant for much more.

And if we’re being honest, the way things have been going isn’t really feeling all that great either.

The constant achieving. The drive that won’t take enough time off. The searching and seeking. The setting the goal posts and then moving them once again it becomes abundantly clear (yet again) that the very thing you thought would finally make you happy was actually more “meh” than magic pill. 

You’ve been ahead of the curve all your life, and what’s it gotten you? A 6-figure salary, sure- but still a jaded version of you staring at the ceiling at night wondering, “Is this really all there is??”

You can’t ignore this dull ache in your heart that the life you’re currently living just isn’t the life you were sent here for. 

Call it intuition. Call it a soul mission. Call it an inkling. Whatever you call it, it’s basically been shouting in your ear, and all the Netflix binges in the world aren’t tuning it out. 

Not to mention the signs that you’re meant for more every time you turn your head — a wink from the universe here, an 11:11 there, a hummingbird dancing outside your window. 

The synchronicities are piling up, the evidence is mounting, and something’s gotta give. If you don’t get out of this dilemma and fast, you’re going to crack.

You’ve watched the flame flicker inside your soul for far too long. It’s time for full ignition. 

No more distractions. No more acting like everything is fine. And no more hoping and praying it will all work out. You’re ready to DO SOMETHING about it, and you want the right guide to show you the way.

hey there!

I'm Brooke and I’ve devoted the last 15 years to mastering the art of rapid transformation.

I take leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers to the next level. 

My goal is to help you turn your magic ALL the way on. 

My clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds - entrepreneurs, coaches, business owners, lawyers, producers, healers, musicians, doctors, parents, teachers, CEOs, students.

I’ve worked with millionaires and people who are making 5figures a year. 
With people who have beautiful relationships and with people who still struggle with codependency and worthiness.

The process of transformation follows the same pattern.

In 15 years of working with people, I’ve noticed the pattern is always the same, with any client:

Nothing is separate. It’s all connected. We work on one thing, it reaches everything.

My coaching isn’t just “coaching.” It is deeply transformative work that will require you to confront how you see yourself, your life, and the world - powerful support, Spiritual Mentoring, energy work, strategy and accountability that will change the trajectory of your life forever. 

Working with me means you’re ready and willing to have everything about your life uplevel. 

You see, I’m not “just another Coach.”
The work that I do has come to be because of:

6 years apprenticing under a Shaman

A Masters Level education as a therapist, with training in:

-Somatic Experiencing

-Trauma Resolution

-Psychodrama and Experiential Therapies

-Recovery from codependency 

-Cognitive Behavioral Intervention name a few 

An undergraduate degree in Psychology from Vanderbilt University 

3 years as a trained Life and Success Coach 

11 years practicing Craniosacral Therapy

13 years as a practicing healer, clairvoyant and Energy Worker 

15 years facilitating shift and transformation for clients 


The Result?

"After one conversation with Brooke, I booked my first 10k client!!!!!! I am shaking. Brooke made me step up and ask for what I feel I'm worth. Literally can't believe it is happening!!! She’s the best at cutting right to the core of a problem and nailing how to move forward.” 

- Mara Ropiel  

"I see myself in a new light. I feel electric, grounded, expanded, able to tune in. I feel the current of Source Energy coarsing through my veins for the first time.
The magic Brooke brings to the table when you work with her is indescribable and revolutionary. She’s completely shifted the trajectory of my life.” 

- Sarah Barrette

Next Level Coaching is a hot, holy and holistic private coaching program created to give you everything you need for lightning speed ascension — without shopping around for 8 different coaches to make it happen. Who has time for that?

Inside next level coaching, you will receive all the support, accountability and guidance you need to come fully online with your power, presence and purpose — right here and right now. 

What does coming fully online look like in motion?

Upgrading literally everything in your universe. From your way of thinking to your vibration, from the home you live in to the body you were blessed with, from your romantic relationships to your bank balance — it’s all on the table when you do this work.

Realizing the magnitude of your own gifts. Maybe you’re a little bit psychic. Maybe your darkness is really your light. Maybe you’re the best coach your industry has ever seen. You won’t know until you give yourself permission to explore it fully and with sweet, reckless abandon. 

Leaving behind the heart-crushing, spirit-draining 9-5 that you’ve kept for prestige instead of purpose and security instead of soul mission, or taking your business to a deeper level of impact while hitting a much higher income bracket

Feeling the energy of source coursing through your veins for the first time ever as you understand just how freaking powerful you actually are

Manifesting bigger things, faster. Once the floodgates open, you’ll be shocked at how much can come rushing in

This work isn’t superficial. 

In fact, it’s as deep as you can go.
next level coaching is so transformative because it taps into your essence, your energy, and your expression on this planet. 

By the time we finish our time together, there’s no stone left unturned and no cell left unchanged. 


“Brooke is hands down the most intuitive, magical soul I have ever worked with.”

- Cleora Gillespie-Weger

“The work I have done with Brooke Kalan has changed my life.
     Every one of us endures some sort of hardship in life, something that rocks us back and leaves scars, and a lot of times we don’t even realize it until its too late and we find ourselves overwhelmed. What started out as me exploring the idea of energy work to help a physical injury morphed into energy work to fix much deeper issues that I didn’t even know I had. And that’s what so great about the services Brooke offers: they can be mixed, melded, interchanged, and integrated to fix whatever ails you, physically and mentally. I can honesty say that the work I have done with Brooke has been more influential in improving my health than any pill I’ve ever been prescribed to treat any condition. She gets to the cause. What Brooke offers is an intimate and safe space to get down to business about what your body is trying to tell you, and to fix it. I’m so grateful for the time Brooke has put into my care, as she’s been more compassionate than any doctor I’ve seen. Every time I go in for a session I come out stronger and more confident and my body feels like it’s in balance. She is everything a coach should be, and every one of us could benefit from the kind of care she offers.”

- Bridgette Corsa

“Brooke is a healer. She has this unexplainable talent to see into my subconscious and bring it to light. Brooke makes me feel as though the broken parts of myself are being pieced back to together. When I leave my sessions with her, I feel alive. I am filled with purpose and I feel connected both physically and spiritually. Her intuition does not come from this is a gift that she has been given. There is no one I have encountered that possesses the gifts Brooke has.”

- Corinne Bond

"I got more in 17 minutes on the phone with Brooke than I got from months with other coaches.” 

- Trish Kozola

"You have to work with Brooke. She's a freaking genius...this chick can move you forward! She's like a high-powered beam of light!” 

- Lauren Zink

These are the kinds of things that happen for my clients:

•Eleven years of chronic pain relieves after one session

•Receiving their first 10k commission ever, after 15 years in the same job without one

•Getting completely off anxiety meds for the first time in their adult life. Discovering soul purpose, and stepping right into starting their own business.

•Scaling to 7 figures

•Their first 10k client

•3 months of writer’s block dissolving after one session

•Back pain relieving after a 30 minute session. 7 years later, and it hasn’t returned.

•Experiencing powerful release of trauma that no one else had been able to facilitate for them before

•Their first 15k week

•Profound spiritual awakening

•Feeling the current of Source energy running through them for the first time ever

•Making a 40k investment in themselves quickly and confidently  

•Falling in love with their partner all over again

•Leaving their 9-5 job and becoming a successful full time entrepreneur, within 90 days of our first session

•Finally feeling excited about the future again after years of confusion

•Making their dreams a reality

The work I do with my clients isn’t just coaching. It’s highly transformative and changes the trajectory of their lives- it’s powerful support, Spiritual Mentoring, energy work and accountability based on 15 years of experience.

They say you can only take your clients as deep as you’ve gone yourself, and I’ve gone all the way. Because it’s taken me 15 years of personal development to become the woman I am today, I can tell you one thing for certain: 

I’ve seen far too many people choose the path of struggle as they hop from coach to coach, country to country, and magic bullet to magic bullet, hoping that each “cure” they stumble upon will be the one for them. But because they’re turning outward instead of inward, and because they’re scratching the surface instead of giving themselves the focused attention their soul actually craves, it will take them decades to get to the next level of their being. 

But if you’re brave, and you decide that you’re ready to dive in with both feet, that’s when the sea parts, the doors fling open, and you get to bring the big vision you have for yourself into living color. 

Inside next level coaching, you will embark on a journey that will shift your environment, emotionality, financiality, mindset, and vibration. You will shed old beliefs, lose your limitations and energetically reprogram yourself for success. And you will do it in a fraction of the time to boot. 

The opportunity to turn your magic all the way on, to step into your FULL power, presence and purpose, and into YOUR fierce Integrity is standing right in front of you. 

Will you grab it?

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Right now, two journeys lie ahead of you. Which one you choose? That’s up to you. 

I'm In!

Why are you even still reading? 

You’re here for a reason... Clicking the apply button is the next step in magnetizing everything you want. 
I’m waiting for you on the other side.  

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