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"The work brooke does 





I guide rebellious, high performing 6-7figure leaders and enterprises into greater success and fulfillment with more EASE. 

BA Psychology, Neuroscience Track - Vanderbilt University

Masters in Clinical Social Work

Former Psychotherapist, turned Executive Level Coach, Consultant and Mentor 

Featured in Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, TedX and Top 50 Podcasts

Turned $250 seed fund into multi-six figure business in under 18 months

Hand selected in 2020 as lead Wellness Consultant for an Institute that works with UN, global leaders and governing bodies in Europe and Southeast Asia

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For leaders, executives and scaling enterprises


High Performance Coach


Force of Nature

Meet Brooke

A former psychotherapist with a background in Psychology and Neuroscience, bolstered by her Rebel-hearted nature and an uncanny ability to bridge seeming paradoxes, Brooke is now a world-renowned Coach, Consultant and innovator for purpose-driven leaders and enterprises. 

Her brilliant insights into human nature, business, self-mastery and leadership have been featured in Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, Top 50 Podcasts and the TedX stage. 

Her work is referred to as "unparalled and revolutionary."

A Vanderbilt alumna with a Masters in Clinical Social Work, she worked with top public figures managing their stress, mental health and well-being. After leaving that 9-5 world, Brooke transitioned into coaching and turned a $250 seed fund into her multi 6 figure business. Her clientele spans the globe and her work and teachings impact thousands.

coach, consultant, force of nature

I also feel inspired by the "magical realism" of low key science fiction, love a good dive bar, frequent the live music scene in Nashville, model for local photographers and have been dancing and performing since age 5. 

Now for a few things that aren't on my official bio...

What else makes me stand out from other colleagues in my field?
I don't JUST have the undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt, a Masters, certification and training in 15 modalities, a business acumen that would make your head spin and features all over the media...

I also apprenticed under a Toltec Shaman for 6 years, am a clairvoyant, was initiated as a Toltec Eagle Knight and went through Mystery School for an additional 3 years.

AND I've been getting clients consistent, jaw-dropping, repeatable results for 15 years. 

These are the kind of results that my clients receive:

what people are saying

$600,000 increase in income + Energy shift

I made over $600,000 more in 2019 as a result of working with you. I am fully alive in my feminine energy and I am thriving! ~ Jess


 no b.s.

Brooke’s blend of down-to-earth spirituality and nerdy metaphysical science truths are right up my alley. Lest ye forget her cut-to-the-chase way of getting to the root cause of what's holding you back yet in a gentle, loving way. Because... she's been there... she knows. There's no BS'ing her. I say this with respect and adoration, she knows her shit.” - Michelle Schoemaker 


 $10,000 in
24 hours

"After one conversation with Brooke, I booked my first 10k client!!!!!! I am shaking. Brooke made me step up and ask for what I feel I'm worth. Literally can't believe it is happening!!! She’s the best at cutting right to the core of a problem and nailing how to move forward.” 
~Mara Ropiel, Entrepreneur


 better than
tony robbins

"I have been going to business coaches, therapists, Shamans and even TONY ROBBINS events for 13 years, and no one's gotten to the root of my issues like you just did .
You nailed it in one session." - Kristen L. 



Brooke has an unexplainable ability to see into my subconscious and bring it to light. When I finish my sessions with her, I feel alive, connected and with purpose. Her intuition is unbelievable. There is no one I have encountered that possesses the gift Brooke has." 
~Corinne Bond, Nurse Practitioner


become awake

One of Brooke’s greatest gifts is the ability to show others what it looks like to be an awake being. Too many kumbaya preachers try to tell others what to do to wake-up. The gifted ones, like Brooke, show what it looks like.”
- Roberto Luna, Teacher


manifesting consistently and quickly

I started having fun with myself and my spirit and my magic again. The results haven't stopped. Ended 2019 debt free, earning 91k for the year. I continued being a record breaking "employee to watch" and in my first year had record breaking progress within 6 months of being hired. I ask the Universe for what I need and yield responses consistently and QUICKLY. I've doubled my savings. Manifested my dream apartment, dream car, dream computer, at the price point I asked for. I'm all in and going BIG for 2020."
~Coley Horner


one of a kind insight
and strategy

There are two categories of experts- those that can draw from academic background or those that are more abstract like many self-help books. Brooke is one of the rare ones that can draw from strong science background (her Masters and years as a psychotherapist for example) while also delivering bespoke insight. To be frank, she may be the ONLY ONE that recognizes everyone is different so she gives you customized routines and strategies. I'd recommend Brooke to those that are already productive and successful, but want to push themselves above and beyond using only-for-you strategies. ~Clair


fast results

I got more in 17 minutes on the phone with Brooke than I got from months with other coaches.”  - Trish Kozola, Photographer



Brooke has the incredible ability to catch all the things that are blocking you from success. Within minutes she was able to help me work through a business problem that I had had for months- a problem that had stopped me from creating content, showing up for my community and getting the income I truly desired in my business. Brooke was able to pinpoint my problem, offer me a clear solution and advice on how to move forward instantly. Brooke is incredible and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a success coach." - Keshani Kay, Copywriter


unlock soul purpose in one session

I realized my soul purpose during a powerful exercise Brooke guided me through during our first session. Before that, I felt unfulfilled and tired in my freelance design career, like I wanted to get to the next stage but felt stuck. Her technique literally leveled me up and guided me on to the next stage of life on a deeper and more powerful level.
~ Kit Craven, Creative Director


$60,000/yr increase in income

Another thing that Brooke helped me with is deepening my understanding of manifesting in a way that makes sense to me personally. She is amazing at teaching you to go inward and navigate the wisdom of your body. I started working with her 1 year ago and went from making $40,000 to just over $100,000 a year, from being a freelance designer to head of creative at a company I completely align with. I am more confident. My relationship with myself and the world has changed.
~ Kit Craven, Creative Director


drastic Shift in money mindset

Working with Brooke was a pivotal moment in my spiritual journey. Before working with her, I was aware of this other layer to life and success but could never quite "get" it. With her, I not only learned how to shift my mindset around wealth to a positive one, but also view money as a spiritual tool and an extension of Source. She puts spirituality into simple terms and I had my first $10,000 month as a result of taking her Money Mindset course! Brooke is a QUEEN!"
~Samantha Hearn, Nashville-Based Photographer 


both academic-based and Customized Insights

I had the pleasure of being coached by Brooke through her High Performance Intensive. I felt completely at ease within the first 2 minutes. It was amazing to see how she was able to draw from multitudes of disciplines. Cognitive reprogramming, habit editing, business strategy and human design. She got to the root of what needs to be unlocked to maximize my performance. Brooke is RARE because she draws from strong science and academic background (thanks to years of degrees) while relating it all back to what works for you.  ~Clair K. 


more love, more happiness,
more ease

I wanna say "hallelujah!" I am feeling so much more happiness, ease, focus, love, gratitude, connection, and overall just a feeling of flow in my life! I came to Brooke feeling completely scattered in certain areas of my life. Through 1:1 coaching and group programs she has given me the tools to break through limitations I was placing on my finances, my relationships, my business, and my self. Her work has opened me up to receiving so much more! More income, more meaningful connection, more travel, more time to rest! I love Brooke!  ~Kyle Casserly


 Pure magic

Brooke! You're simply pure white light healing and magic. You have given me so much hope and faith back into my life. And it's only the beginning of working with you! I'm so grateful for your guidance and teachings.

Brooke's light is so bright it will tear down all of your uncertainty and doubt.
~Jessica M. 


Remember who you really are, and make it a success

A true teacher helps us remember who we really are and Brooke is just that, a true Teacher. She teaches in a way that is so understandable and life changing. Working with Brooke, I learned to trust and love my truest self and to get out of my own way. She has helped me find AND keep finding my true purpose in life and make that a SUCCESS.
I have manifested trips all over the world, clients, a new business and my dream home, all at the price point I wanted- like down to the last detail. Brooke helped me be my BEST SELF!" ~Kim Shelton  


timeless teachings
and mindset shifts

You have helped me in so many ways it's hard to pick just a few- but one of the major ones would have to be mindset. I especially benefitted from the Money Mindset course. Not only did you truly break down how much negativity and nervous energy I was putting out there in regards to money, but thanks to the course I shifted so much that even to this day (over a year later) I still receive random checks in the mail.
Your teachings are timeless and I still go back to my notebooks from our time together as there as so many lessons I continue to take advantage of.  ~Cristina Rodriguez


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