and you 

Be who you really are,

become a 



what you really want. 

You know there’s another level for you.

You’re already successful, smart and resilient. But you don’t stop there.

And another level after that one. You know there’s a deeper sense of fulfillment and an exponential version of success for you. But what you don’t know? How to keep busting through the upper limits that are standing between you and the fully actualized version of yourself that you were born to become.

There’s more for you, and you are ready to receive it. 

forget scratching the surface. you are ready to

Tune in.

Rise higher.

Dive deep.

Impact millions

Hi, I'm Brooke

I turn conscious, high-performing leaders into champions in their industry.

My gifts?

I’m an Intuitive. I naturally see and pinpoint exactly what’s been keeping you stuck, and easily nail down the solution with you in a matter of minutes, so you can quantum leap into your next level.

I am here to help you live your fullest expression. In business, life, soul purpose and love. Because if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s this:

When you let yourself be truly, authentically you, you become a magnet for what you really want.

Transformational coach, consultant, human potential Expert

If you want to express your full potential, you have to connect to all that you are.

Listen. Here’s the truth...

You’re designed to be brilliant and create what you want. You’re meant to lead with your heart’s desires and use your brain power to execute your desires into reality. 

The trouble is that most of us were taught differently- we were taught to lead with the mind and then drag our heart along for the ride. You’ve noticed that your life isn’t REALLY what you want- and why?

Because you’ve been living it backwards. You’ve been creating based on what you “think” you want...instead of creating what you deep down desire.

You are an unlimited being- everything else is a story

You've got to leverage the power of not JUST your mind or your impressive education- you're a high performer- you've pretty much nailed those already...

You have to access other assets like:
Somatic Intelligence
Energetic Directives
Your *unique* Human Design
The Subconscious

Your natural ability to excel, achieve and accomplish huge feats got you to where you ARE- tapping into these other aspects of yourself is what unlocks your true Genius

And hello. I don't just have the degrees, Masters or certifications in all these areas- I've been getting clients consistent, reliable, repeatable results for over 15 years. 

we activate you

what people are saying;

$10,000 in 24 hours

After one conversation with Brooke, I booked my first 10k client!!!!!! I am shaking. Brooke made me step up and ask for what I feel I'm worth. Literally can't believe it is happening!!! She’s the best at cutting right to the core of a problem and nailing how to move forward.” - Mara Ropiel  


 no b.s.

Brooke’s blend of down-to-earth spirituality and nerdy metaphysical science truths are right up my alley. Lest ye forget her cut-to-the-chase way of getting to the root cause of what's holding you back yet in a gentle, loving way. Because... she's been there... she knows. There's no BS'ing her. I say this with respect and adoration, she knows her shit.” - Michelle Schoemaker 



Brooke has an unexplainable ability to see into my subconscious and bring it to light. When I finish my sessions with her, I feel alive, connected and with purpose. Her intuition is unbelievable. There is no one I have encountered that possesses the gift Brooke has."  - Corinne Bond


become awake

One of Brooke’s greatest gifts is the ability to show others what it looks like to be an awake being. Too many kumbaya preachers try to tell others what to do to wake-up. The gifted ones, like Brooke, show what it looks like.”
- Roberto Luna 


increase income

I have had so much money coming at me lately. Its been so freaking AMAZING! I feel like the luckiest person. I know its from all the work you have shown me.”
- Aime Louise


reach big goals

During and since our time together, I’ve been able to change my mindset. I am more confident and I have grown in my business from no team members to nine! I’ve been promoted to Sr. Manager and I’m close to achieving my goal of becoming a Director within the company.” - Michelle Schomaker


fast results

I got more in 17 minutes on the phone with Brooke than I got from months with other coaches.”  - Trish Kozola



Brooke has the incredible ability to catch all the things that are blocking you from success. Within minutes she was able to help me work through a business problem that I had had for months- a problem that had stopped me from creating content, showing up for my community and getting the income I truly desired in my business. Brooke was able to pinpoint my problem, offer me a clear solution and advice on how to move forward instantly. Brooke is incredible and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a success coach." - Keshani Kay


Ways to Work Together

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I'm currently offering a spectrum of experiences, ranging from a 90 minute Intensive to a 12 month Immersion.

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How do you quantum leap to your goals, speed past the plateau, and blaze by your blindspots? 
If your'e a high performing leader- you hire me, that's how. ;) 

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