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Where I amplify your True Power, and turn it into Superpower- so that you go out into the world to create what you truly desire

Epic Love. Epic Money. Epic Sex. Epic Magic, that touches every corner of your life, business and Legacy. 

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You will not find anything like this, from anyone else on the planet

This is exclusive access to Primal Genius®, my Signature Framework 

This is the Ivy League of Metaphysics, Magnetism and Embodiment. 

Buckle up, you're going for the most amazing, fun, potent, powerful ride of your Life.

And it's going to blow your mind

Phase 1: The Activation

Phase 2:The Portal

The 3 day Intensive
Waking your Primal Genius

90 Minute Call + 3 days of Telegram

The 30 day Intensive
Orienting to the Primal Genius as your New Operating System
In Business, Love, Sex and Legacy

3  Calls
 + Telegram between calls  (Tuesday -Saturday)

Split or Paid in Full

Phase 3:The Initiation

The culmination, where it all lands, integrates and stabilizes. Habits take 90 days to anchor, your life completely transforms with me here. For the Elite Seeker, who wants full Access to an entirely New Paradigm and way of life, founded upon Primal Genius

6 months
2 Calls per month
+Telegram Support between calls (Tuesday-Saturday)


Split or Paid in Full

"I'm standing out above the Noise in my industry. I feel like I've been seen for the very first time. I'm able to show up and be me and not give a fuck what people think or say. I'm no longer trying to fit into anything the Coaching world tells me I should. I absolutely trust my Primal Genius after one call. I did not think it was possible to shed so much so fast, yet here we are. 24 hours into this container with you and the layers are flying off."

The biggest expansion for me so far is that you saw MY magic. You've been someone I've been in awe of and out of a sea of people dying to work with you, you saw ME. And I thought, if Brooke sees it, I can really own it."

24 hours into her Activation

_Amy Deagle

"Team Love, Money, and Sex Magic over here comin' in hotttttt . . . 
I'm a Visionary, and I've been having Visions of the Future my whole life
A year ago, a met a man that I had a Vision about 5 years ago.
BUT it's taken me over a year to land inside this Vision. 
I kept bouncing out of it, not letting myself "go there" fully.
I started working with Brooke Kalan because honestly, I was bored with all the love n' light jargony nonsense that was keeping me from having the love life I really wanted. 
I kept going into more mind-set work, more consciousness work,
Thinking that it I just worked on myself MORE, than that would let love in (it didn't)

So I deleted all the programs, stopped working on myself, and just started to live how I wanted. 

In our work together, I dropped soooooo deep down, that there was just no way I'd ever want to leave again.
Anchoring in the Priestess Path I've been walking all my life with my Primal Genius.
Having epic sex, deepening into the heart of Love, letting the Wildness in my Wild Man Lover show me where the consciousness community feared to tread. 
Having money drop in unexpectedly the next day. And then again (and again . . . )
I'm playing at a whole new level here. 

Expanded up and Deepened down. 
I am so grateful for the ALIVENESS and expansion that has opened up, 
and BEYOND grateful for Brooke's support. 

If you're on the awakened path, and wondering where to go next, Primal Genius is where it's at. 

_Jennifer Jo Tosner

"My critical eyes, ears, and over-analyzing ways had me believing that I was a plain, average, sweet, but forgettable girl that had to give and give and give and to perform and prove herself in order to attract and keep men and friends. 

But with your activation work, Brooke - I have been able to recognize those patterns of viewing myself as false illusions and have started to identify with the real truth, which is that  I am naturally and effortlessly desirable, attractive, worthy, sensual, magnetic, and powerful. 

I had been telling myself stories of why I was not remarkable enough for so long that it became so familiar but now I can quickly recognize when I’m getting entangled in false narratives and it is one of the most empowering abilities that I have cultivated, with your help. 

You have helped me see that I don’t have to understand every aspect of why and how I developed those negative patterns - I just decide to feel and act differently. 

It feels amazing now that I am operating from my juiciest, most magnetic and powerful version of myself whenever I choose to. 

People are responding to me in different ways. For example, I was writing and dreaming about how I wanted a particular conversation to go with a man that I’ve been seeing. I started to envision the outcome that I wanted and practiced articulating my desires to him. 
I practiced visualizing and I expected that it would go well and that he would give me what I wanted and that we would have more satisfying and fulfilling experiences together. 

But something even better happened. He just started doing the things that I wanted without us ever even having a conversation!! I love your flavor of magic, Brooke. Thank you for all the ways you’ve helped me intensify my own magic."

In her first Activation

_Michelle Baca

"I see myself in a new light. I feel electric, expanded, able to tune in. I feel the current of source energy coarsing through me for the first time. The magic Brooke brings to the table when you work with her is unparalleled and revolutionary."

- Sarah Barrette

"The world feels entirely different now. I feel like a new person, just walking around Lisbon people watching. The birds are singing differently, colors are insanely brighter. People are staring at me differently. Men are noticing. I’m totally dropped into my heart and body. Deeply relaxed. I feel changed.”

24 hours into her Activation

"You have to work with Brooke. She's a freaking genius...She's like a high-powered beam of light. A cosmic goddess with soul deep answers that unlock the universe for anyone in her sphere.” 

- Lauren Zink

-Kathryn Nichols

“Before our session, I was anxious, doubtful, and tentative about my situationship. It would drive me crazy when I wouldn’t hear from him, and I would over-analyze everything. 

But after our work together the man I am dating started declaring his feelings for me. 

I started communicating more clearly, being more confident in my knowing that I was a highly desirable woman who could attract attention and devotion effortlessly. 

I started to feel more confident, trusting, playful, and felt a deepening of the relationship which is what I believe allowed me to finally experience an orgasm with him. 

Our s3 x has become more connected and meaningful and it was amazing to finally be able to let go, feel safe, but also be vulnerable with him and enjoy our time together without worrying about what’s going to happen next. 

I love this new feeling of peace, contentment, and confidence that I can create kind of connection, intimacy and relationships that I desire and crave. 

My nervous system is calm and steady, but I also have much more energy and excitement flowing through me and this has allowed me to experience more fulfillment in the other areas of my life as well.”

Because of the intimate nature of what happened, she asked to keep this testimonial anonymous 

Her Wild Man said “I love you” after just two Primal Genius Activations with me 💕