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"Everybody who is starting a business wants to get to where she is:
Brooke Kalan is becoming a role model for those who want to reach their dream of success.
We got the chance to interview her so she can give you advice and tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur."



"Brooke Kalan is a very successful Life and Business Coach. Her job is to teach people how to achieve success. More precisely, she teaches people how to do what she does: live a full life, travel the world, meet amazing people, without a boss, without conventional working hours- all of this while making money. So we interviewed her, to try to understand how she does this, and what advice she might have for those who want to follow the same path."

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"Are you having blocks in success in any area of your life? Have you tried many techniques and methods for success in your life? Do you feel like you just don't have the "success gene"? The good news is that there is a way to be succesful in your life! Join Max and his special guest Brooke Kalan as they talk about how energy and success are intertwined."



"Brooke Kalan is the kind of person who has it all: she is talented, and very successful. And she made it her job to help people achieve what they really want and become who they want to be. She helps her clients discover exactly what they need to open up and reach their next levels of success. We had the chance to interview her, so she can share with us her unique and spiritual vision of the world and of life."

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Living the dream

Tune in as Brooke and Travis discuss the Hero's Journey, how to align to soul purpose, the REAL cause of Anxiety (and how to heal it) and what you can do to create massive shifts in your life.


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"Brooke Kalan, transformational life coach and speaker for purpose driven executives and influencers, is one of the experts that cracked the code. Having more than a decade of training and experience in neuroscience, metaphysics and psychology, Kalan began to notice several commonalities amongst high achievers that stick to their goals and resolutions."



"Kalan believes that the part about manifesting that people have the most trouble with, is letting go. While you can be great at moving through the steps of manifesting such as clarity about your desires, feeling the desire, setting your intentions from the point of desire, and celebrating, the last step of letting go is hard."


"Brooke Kalan is an internationally renowned Coach and Consultant who accelerates leaders, entrepreneurs and creatives into their highest purpose, callings and peak performance. The work Brooke does isn’t just “coaching.” It is rapid, highly transformative work that activates, elevates and accelerates her clients. Tune in as she shares invaluable tools to stay in Integrity during COVID-19."


"So how do we make sure we are truly harnessing our manifesting power and manifest consistently? Brooke Kalan, transformational life coach and speaker for purpose driven executives and influencers, has over a decade of training and experience in neuroscience, metaphysics and psychology. She tells us how here."

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Thrive Global

"It's time to Marie Kondo your business," Brooke advises. "Audit everything. Get rid of what you don't need." 

"For many, having one life purpose works. But for multipassionate kids, this approach doesn't fit."


Brooke Kalan is an internationally renowned Life and Business Coach who takes leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers to the next level. 

Her clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds - entrepreneurs, coaches, business owners, lawyers, scientists, producers, healers, musicians, doctors, parents, CEOs, millionaires and students.

The work Brooke does isn’t just “coaching.” It is highly transformative work that shifts the way her clients see themselves, their life, and the world. It’s powerful support, Spiritual Mentoring, energy work, expert strategy and accountability that changes the trajectory of their lives forever. 

Working with Brooke means you’re ready and willing to have everything about your life uplevel. Your sense of self, your impact, your relationships, your income bracket, your business, your perception and perspective, your capacity to receive love as well as receive higher levels of success.

She has done everything from helping entrepreneurs scale to 7 figures, to facilitating Spiritual Awakening. From helping clients leave their 9-5 and start their own thriving business to healing their chronic health issues. From clearing clients’ writer’s block to launching people out of codependent pattens and into loving marriages. 

The work Brooke does is founded on powerful intention, spiritual principles and Universal truths: Nothing is separate. It’s all connected. When you work with Brooke, all aspects of your life change forever.

Why? Because she doesn’t just focus on the outer results and achievements- she leads her clients to a higher perspective and focuses on the kind of inner work that creates lasting change.

They say you can only take your clients as far as you’re willing to go...and Brooke stands out in her industry because she’s gone all the way. 



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