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Everybody who is starting a business wants to get to where she is: Brooke Kalan is becoming a role model for those who want to reach their dream of success...we got the chance to interview her so she can give us advice and tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

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Brooke Kalan is a very successful Life and Business Coach. Her job is to teach people how to achieve success. More precisely, she teaches people how to do what she does: live a full life, travel the world, meet amazing people, without a boss, without conventional working hours- all of this while making money. So we interviewed her, to try to understand how she does this, and what advice she might have for those who want to follow the same path.

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In this episode of the Inside Scoop, learn from Brooke Kalan, how to dive behind the conscious mind and connect with the sub-conscious and super consciousness for a powerful release of inner magic. 



Are you having blocks in success in any area of your life? Have you tried many techniques and methods for success in your life? Do you feel like you just don't have the "success gene"? The good news is that there is a way to be succesful in your life! Join Max and his special guest Brooke Kalan as they talk about how energy and success are intertwined. This is going to be good!



Brooke Kalan is the kind of person who has it all: she is talented, and very successful. But she doesn’t stop there - she made it her job to help people achieve what they really want and become who they want to be. She has the words to make us feel better, and a gift for truly seeing people. She helps her clients discover exactly what they need to open up and reach their next levels of success. We had the chance to interview her, so she can share with us her unique and spiritual vision of the world and of life. 

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Living The Dream With Travis Barton  Featured Guest: Life and Business Coach Brooke Kalan



Brooke Kalan is an internationally renowned Life and Business Coach who takes leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers to the next level. 

Her clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds - entrepreneurs, coaches, business owners, lawyers, scientists, producers, healers, musicians, doctors, parents, CEOs, millionaires and students.

The work Brooke does isn’t just “coaching.” It is highly transformative work that shifts the way her clients see themselves, their life, and the world. It’s powerful support, Spiritual Mentoring, energy work, expert strategy and accountability that changes the trajectory of their lives forever. 

Working with Brooke means you’re ready and willing to have everything about your life uplevel. Your sense of self, your impact, your relationships, your income bracket, your business, your perception and perspective, your capacity to receive love as well as receive higher levels of success.

She has done everything from helping entrepreneurs scale to 7 figures, to facilitating Spiritual Awakening. From helping clients leave their 9-5 and start their own thriving business to healing their chronic health issues. From clearing clients’ writer’s block to launching people out of codependent pattens and into loving marriages. 

The work Brooke does is founded on powerful intention, spiritual principles and Universal truths: Nothing is separate. It’s all connected. When you work with Brooke, all aspects of your life change forever.

Why? Because she doesn’t just focus on the outer results and achievements- she leads her clients to a higher perspective and focuses on the kind of inner work that creates lasting change.

They say you can only take your clients as far as you’re willing to go...and Brooke stands out in her industry because she’s gone all the way. 


And it all comes together to provide powerful results for her clients. 

Brooke’s journey started at the age of 18, when she discovered a passion for studying human behavior and psychology at Vanderbilt. 

As her Soul Purpose would have it, she moved through her own healing process overcoming things like Codependency, Depression, Panic Disorder, Love Addiction and a sabotaging habit of playing small and hiding from her Power. 
Not only has she moved herself through the deep inner work of transforming beliefs, mindset and perception, she has also embraced her incomparable intuitive abilities, and personally upleveled all things in her life too. 

From a Mental Health Tech making $10/hour in hospitals and rehabs, to a multi 6 figure Entrepreneur whose business has been featured in Thrive Global, Influencing Entrepreneur and Lysted. From an 18 year old’s inkling that there was more to life than what convention presented to her, to a deeply awakened state of being where she powerfully creates her own reality.

Brooke helps her clients transform their lives, embrace their power and come home to the best version of themselves because she understands what it takes to do so.

Aside from personally working with clients all over the world, Brooke is also passionate about supporting campaigns and charities for ocean conservation, coastal studies, wildlife preservation, plastic reduction and spiritual work for humanity. 

Brooke was selected and spoke at TedX Open Mic in Charlottesville in 2017, has been a guest on shows like Supreme Performance TV Attract Positive Results, The Inside Scoop and has coached leaders in Ireland, England, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Canada and the United States so far. 

Competitive Horseback riding (dressage, show jumping and 3-day eventing), dancing and performing on stages in front of hundreds were her first loves. Her intuitive abilities showed up with horses first, and her journey to full expression began through dance. 

It’s all connected. 

Brooke’s friends and family will tell you that travel lights her up like nothing else does (13 countries and counting!)
She’s lived in Nashville and Leeds, England- and currently splits her time between her home in Virginia and Los Angeles. 

If you are ready to turn your magic all the way on, step fully into your power, presence and purpose, claim your destiny, and create the life you've always wanted, Brooke is here to give you effective, multidimensional support- in ways you’ve never experienced before

She is not “just another Coach.”

The work she does has come to be because of:

•15 years of personal development and Spiritual Practice 

•6 years apprenticing under a Shaman

•A Masters Level education as a therapist, with training in 
Somatic Experiencing
Trauma Resolution
Psychodrama and Experiential Therapies
Recovery from codependency 
Cognitive Behavioral Intervention name a few 

•An undergraduate degree in Psychology from Vanderbilt University 

•3 years as a trained Life and Success Coach 

•11 years practicing Craniosacral Therapy

•13 years as a practicing healer, clairvoyant and Energy Worker 

•15 years facilitating shifts and transformation for clients all over the world 


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