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The Path to Breakthrough

This is for you if:

You are DONE spinning your wheels. You know you have a blind spot. You have been feeling stuck or stagnant and have tried multiple other ways to get UNSTUCK but can't. You want a mentor who can cut to the chase, tell you EXACTLY why you're stuck and get you out of it with precision and speed.

This is for you if you desire movement, change, momentum, passion, clarity and a surge in creativity.

If you have a blind spot in relationships or business, I will see it and guide you past it. If you have a recurring pattern, I will find the source of it and guide you out of it. 

As 2/4 Projector, one of my gifts is in seeing what no one else can, immediately and with pin point precision. 

As a Channel, one of my Gifts is that I collapse time- what takes other coaches/mentors/healers weeks or months or years to do, takes me minutes.

As a Healer, I have a deep desire to be so present and loving towards the body as well. 

You will feel activated, accelerated and integrated.
You will receive the breakthrough you're looking for. I facilitate this in such a way that your body will also integrate and re-regulate the upgrade for your nervous system. 


The Breakthrough Intensive
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The Breakthrough Portal

1 Month, 3 Calls + Telegram

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The Path to Primal Genius®

The Primal Genius® framework is a Pinnacle of working with me 1:1.

It is a never before seen, never before used System that is exclusively designed, coded, and delivered by me. 

This is the Ivy League of Metaphysics, Magnetism and Entrepreneurship.

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