Work With Me 1:1

>The Magnetic Intensive 

This is my signature 1:1 Intensive, specifically for High Performers 

These are booked as 1:1 calls that last for 90-120 minutes.

This is for you if you need resolution of repetitive patterns, want clarity, insight, direction or powerful guidance. 

The kind of coaching and consulting I do is highly transformational and comprehensive. I recommend this session if you’re looking for an expert who can show you exactly what *you need* in order to improve relationships (with yourself and others), mindset, performance habits or revenue generation. I pinpoint the exact SOURCE of your issue or problem...and we resolve it. Remember, this is where my 15 years of experience comes in- I've never encountered an issue that I couldn't help resolve, quickly.

I have a unique ability to assess, track, identify and deliver resolution for my clients. My methods work every time. 

The Intensive is a great place to begin your work with me.

The Intensive


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There are four levels of intensity...
choose from these four experiences 

>The Business Intensive

Inertia: a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state *unless that state is changed by an external force*

Think of me as the external force. I am here to streamline, elevate and accelerate your business. 

The Business Intensive includes a full audit of your content, website, branding, strategy and lead generation.

I have a unique eye for catching the exact aspects of your business that are creating lag, income leaks, and  accidental client/customer deflection.

If there’s an issue you know you have but can’t figure out where it is, I will find it. The audit doesn’t stop at the interface of your business and your audience though, I am also doing energy, mindset and nervous system audits for you too, because sometimes the issue isn’t in the working of your business…it’s you or the way you’re operating.

The Business Intensive