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The breakthrough Intensive

This is my signature 2 hour Intensive

As a Clairvoyant, one of my gifts is in seeing what no one else can, immediately and with pin point precision. 

As a Channel, one of my Gifts is that I collapse time- what takes other coaches/mentors/healers weeks or months or years to do, takes me minutes.

As a Healer, I have a deep desire to be so present and loving towards the body as well. 

So this 2 hour Intensive is my way of combining three of my Gifts to activate, accelerate and integrate it all for you. (God I get so excited just typing this stuff!) You will receive the breakthrough you're looking for. And we will set aside time during the Intensive to allow your body to integrate and re-regulate the upgrade for your nervous system. 

If you have a blind spot, I will see it. If you have a recurring pattern, I will find the source of it. Income plateau? Feeling stuck? Can't seem to get out of your sex or relationship pattern? The process I lead you through works for everything.
If you're looking for the fastest, most magical, SUSTAINABLE breakthrough of your life, this is it.

your breakthrough

Remote session:$2222

In person: $3333

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Please note! I'm a Projector, I keep things simple. Once you submit payment, please send me a DM on Instagram to schedule 

The gene key sessions

Inertia: a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state *unless that state is changed by an external force*

Think of me as the external force.

As a 2/4 Projector with defined Crown, Ajna, Throat and G centers-
I am a FORCE OF NATURE when it comes to unlocking clarity, love and purpose, initiating momentum, activating you energetically and unleashing your full potential.

These are not just readings, I channel the merging of your energy, your chart, your keys, and your current reality/circumstances with your highest future iteration. 

Activation Sequence 
6 weeks
5 calls, voxer support between calls

Pearl Sequence 
6 weeks
5 calls, voxer support between calls

The Gene Key Sessions


Primal Genius

The Primal Genius framework is the Pinnacle of working with me 1:1.

It is a never before seen, never before used System that is exclusively designed, coded, and delivered by me. 

This is the Ivy League of Metaphysics and Entrepreneurship.

For exclusive Access to the Primal Genius Activation, Portal and Initiation....

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