Feminine Energy Codes

The Masterclass for High Achieving, Soul Led Women who feel desire to Activate, Amplify and Unlock more of their feminine energy. 

Imagine with me for a moment...

That you cherish being a WOMAN, fully

That you know and feel exactly what your Feminine Energy is

You know how Feminine Energy presents in YOUR body,
and you easily sense and express it in your life

You deeply understand the connection between *Men and Money* in your life, your relationship to the Masculine is secure

You trust that you can lean back, be in a current of flow and ease and luxury...AND you know when to trust your Instinct to and get shit done

You walk into a room, any room. And people are drawn to you. Saying things like "You are a light. You are magnetic. You radiate every time I see you." And you do this with zero effort, because radiance is a natural state of Being for you.

You can naturally magnetize money, men and your desires to you- when you CHOOSE to, without abandoning your desire to create or direct or slay goal setting 

Your standards are clear and clean, and you accept that you can be both fierce, empowered AND soft and sensitive.

Your nervous system can let go of struggle, hustle and force as the means to achieve something...

You embody Polarity with your Soul first, so it comes naturally with Men

Do you want any of that?

welcome to
feminine energy codes, 2.0

with Brooke Kalan

Where I will teach and support you in experiencing all of that.

You no longer need to play guessing games or consume confusing, contradicting information about Feminine Energy

(YES there is a lot of junk, bullshit and total mis-information out there, that you need to DELETE) 

You will be learning and being guided by someone who not only lives embodying hers, but also happens to have been put on the planet to teach it to others- it's encoded in my Human Design and Gene Keys to help the collective understand Feminine Energy...

And what it is to BE a Soul Led Woman

This is not an ordinary Masterclass.

I am not just some other "coach" regurgitating a trend for you.

This is a two day experience that includes teaching, Activations, meditation and Coding...from someone who's been studying, living and learning to embody Feminine Energy since 2005. 

Who's been successfully teaching and guiding clients to return home to their Feminine Essence for nearly a decade.

Let's not pretend that Suzy who just learned about Feminine Energy at a weekend workshop, or Helen who took Ayahuasca that one time or Karen the "Woke Feminist" can hold a candle - ok? Energy is nuanced.

Everything I teach is also channeled, in the moment. 
As a Self Projected Projector in Human Design, there is innate magic in my voice and in what I say. 

So when I teach and guide, there is a potency that is unique and unparalleled. 

What you can expect

Itinerary for the event

> A Two Day Masterclass

> Over 3 hours of content

>Lifetime Access to the content (the replays will be up forever)

>All content is housed inside a private Facebook Group

Day 1: November 2nd, 7pm CST

We begin, as always, with A Clearing 
A clean, precise clearing of energetic, mental and emotional baggage. 
Bullsh*t Coding and Conditioning will begin to fall away

*Before you Amplify who you really are, sweeping away of what you aren't must happen. Breathe a sigh a relief- you will not feel oversaturated at this event
Guided Activation for your Feminine Energy 
Coming home to your Feminine Essence
Trusting your Life Force 
Accepting space for the Duality of Life

Day 2: November 3rd, 7pm CST

The Man Money Connection
Accepting the nuances of YOUR femininity and womanhood
Soul Led Polarity

Becoming The Nourished, Magnetic Woman

And more....

A Lover once said this to me: 

"Brooke, when you are in tune with yourself, when your energy is right. When you're right with your Body and not in your head about things...

You are the MOST beautiful woman in the world.

You have a confidence about you, a naturalness to you, that makes you so attractive. When you're in your head, you fall out of that state. But when you're IN your energy, you are irresistible."

This is what I want for you.
To be so in tune with yourself, your feminine energy
Out of your head and in your body

That you are the MOST beautiful woman in the world. 

Want the VIP Experience?

One last thing before you sign up!
(Because of course you want to sign up for this class)

For the Anxious Attachment Style woman who wants to get to the ROOT of the
Man Money Connection.

You don't want to keep attracting avoidant men. You don't want to feel duped by yet ANOTHER man who led you on, whose words and actions do not line up, again. You don't want to have things feel hot/cold anymore

*HINT- this isn't about him, this pattern comes from you not fully Leading yourself, and being hot/cold about your own Standards and worth.*

You also don't want to watch the same thing happen in your bank account either. High cash months followed by crickets. 
Love bombs followed by ghosting - in bed OR in the bank account 

You're so f*cking smart and You're over it.

So.....if you want to break this pattern, by getting to the ROOT of it (I don't do bandaids, I get to the heart of things) and never feel mystified, confused or in the dark about it again

The VIP Experience is where to be
This Masterclass PLUS Magnetic Feminine Coaching with me 1:1
for 45 days afterwards

3 calls + telegram support between calls
Valued at over $4000

With this Masterclass, this option is just $2222

“Brooke has this unexplainable ability to see into my subconscious and bring it to light. She makes me feel as though the broken parts of myself are being pieced back to together. I feel alive, filled with purpose and connected both physically and spiritually. Her intuition does not come from this Earth....it is a gift that she has been given. There is no one I have encountered that possesses the gifts Brooke has.”

- Corinne Bond

"I see myself in a new light. I feel electric, expanded, able to tune in. I feel the current of source energy coursing  through me for the first time. The magic Brooke brings to the table when you work with her  is unparalleled and revolutionary."

- Sarah Barrette

"You have to work with Brooke. She's a freaking genius...She's like a high-powered beam of light. A cosmic goddess with soul deep answers that unlock the universe for anyone in her sphere.” 

- Lauren Zink

Are you ready?

For the Soul Led women who want to activate, amplify and expand into more feminine energy
Embody radiance
Magnetize their soul desires with more ease

I'm in!

I'm in!

give me vip access


The 2 day masterclass
$111 Early bird

VIP level, for the anxious Attached Woman who desires change now

The 2 day masterclass
30 days of Magnetic Feminine COaching 

Feminine Energy Codes, 2.0

Please make sure to send me a DM on Instagram or Facebook saying "I'm in!" so that I can welcome you and celebrate this choice you've made.