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I'm Brooke! Glad you found me. I'm a Transformational Coach, Consultant and Human Potential Expert. 
I turn conscious, high-performing leaders into champions in their industry.

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I’ve been feeling into the trends we see in the coaching industry of “Fempires” and “Queen” and “Boss lady” a lot lately

And the more I look, the more I see what these trends are actually rooted in – a woman’s deeply, generationally embedded need to prove herself in a business world historically run by men

Hear me out…
I was talking to a friend of mine a few months ago, he’s a very successful multimillionaire and runs a few different companies.

We were talking about the differences bt men running a business and women- and eventually he said something like “I don’t feel a need to prove myself- I’m just doing what I want.”

And it hit me- in the very early days of my business, I did feel a sense that I had to prove I was worthy or prove I was good or prove I could do things well, look good and be poised and collected the whole time I was doing it.

The most successful men that I know are out and about, running around town, drinking (and drugging) as they please, they don’t give AF

And here’s what I’ve come to see more deeply as I lean into “women in business”

I was actually in the tub just a few minutes ago when I realized this … my beingness is enough now
I used to not believe that BEING, that just BEING me, or being feminine was enough – that my essence wasn’t just by nature worthy – that I had to prove it

Many or most women (myself included until very recently) don’t believe that their BEINGness is enough

That just their BEING is the worthiness

And many are not even aware of that bc it’s so deeply ingrained

And epigenetically we have to be mindful- bc when women were finally given the right to work- ancestors I’m sure felt like they had to prove that they could do it as well as the men, that on some level they had to fight for their place at the table

Etc etc y’all get that I’m sure

Which of course accidentally masculinized us
Which of course made us abandon our valuable feminine aspects in favor of feeling or proving worthy

Our cells remember that and we unconsciously design lives and business accordingly

That’s important

Kind of like cutting off our nose despite our face

So becoming successful and gaining freedom or wealth or independence, came at a price that isn’t as obvious

There came a time for me where I could feel that price being paid in my body, in my nervous system, in the way I felt, moved and breathed in the world.

As as many of you know- I decided to drop 95% of the “doing” in my business

I dropped the rope

I wanted to see if I could have faith that just my BEING was enough

I wanted to see if it was possible to truly have a business AND be feminine

To have consistent income AND be relaxed, going about my day and my life the way I would if I didn’t “have a business”

And as you’ve seen, yes it is possible. It would make your jaw drop to be a fly on my living room wall to see how very much of nothing business related I do. And yet, my income is steadily and reliably increasing. My income more than doubled last year. And it’s 6.5 times what it used to be when I had a full time, Masters level job.

Anyway that’s another post. I am actually going to share what last week looked like in my next post – I actually only worked for 2-3 hours total last week – that is about feminine as you can get lol

And yet:

We keep seeing this trend towards women building empires, women reigning over queendoms, women being the most attractive, best paid, highest earning CEO ever, women “stepping into” a role of Boss Lady and BadAss Bitches

But if you look closely- this paradigm is riddled with the same pushing, striving, proving and misplaced sense of worthiness as the old paradigm they try to move away from

The worth is still being placed in the DOING or the demonstration or the proof vs the BEING

Even when the women running business this way say they’re in feminine energy….

Is this me saying these things are bad? No

But in the long game, I do believe they are damaging
And in the long game I do believe they are perpetuating a hamster wheel of unworthiness and need to prove oneself
And they are carry with them the accidentally destructive byproducts of feminism

What I came to understand for myself is that whatever natural state I tend to be in in my life, has to be equal to the state I’m in when I put attention on my business

I don’t even like that term bc it’s just totally inaccurate to what I’m doing
I’m more like a high paid oracle who’s naturally sought out for her gifts

Anyway- in my life, bc I do have this clairvoyant/channel aspect of me, I’m not 100% in feminine energy – channeling is like the force of god rushing through you and out of you, as you

There’s masculine in that

And it’s why I veer more on the Magnetic side of femininity vs the Radiant

And a modern woman living in a city, who is not yet married, who generates her own income is not fully in feminine – we can’t be

Which is fine.

80 feminine/20 masculine and also 90/10 that’s generally where I am energetically

If I’m having sex or on a date with a man I trust, in the bath, doing hot girl shit alone in my apartment etc etc it’s 100

So…..that’s what my “business” is 80/20 or 90/10

If I begin to feel like I’m veering 70/30 I stop
I put it down
I come home to my practices or meditation or I ditch posting at all for days on end

I Stop thinking about it

Then I naturally feel called back when I’m “Me” again

This is a long ass post so I appreciate anyone still reading and my point I suppose is this:

A woman can run an empire. She can head a company. She can run a Queendom. She can go be a killer CEO

AND in doing so she will sacrifice aspects of her essence that will long for her to come home to herself again

AND she will invert her polarity

AND she will either accidentally Or intentionally sacrifice her Feminine core

AND her nervous system will not tolerate it for long

She will lose the best parts of herself

This is so nuanced

I find that the women who seek me out to work with me are in this nuance- wanting to peel back even more. Wanting to work even less. Wanting to understand how to “have a business” (I’m still air quoting it bc the way I have it set up is just so vastly different it’s not even the same word) and not sacrifice their feminine core ❤️

And not have to fall in line with the late wave feminist paradigm of “women in business”

So yes, women can. And there is a cost.

But yes, it’s possible to not pay so high a price. Live and “work” as deeply feminine as possible.

This is what I’m up to. This is one thing I guide my 1:1 clients toward. And it doesn’t look feel or appear anything like running an empire. It doesn’t look, feel or appear anything like “running a business.” Bc I’m not willing to give up the best parts about being a woman, or give up loving and living in this world as a feminine being ❤️

This way I feel is rooted in real feminine embodiment, as much as it can be

And I feel proud to have come to this place and be guiding other women to the same ❤️


The Truth Behind Trends Like “Fempires,” “Queendoms” and “Boss Lady”

March 15, 2022

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law of attraction



I'm Brooke! Glad you found me. I'm a Transformational Coach, Consultant and Human Potential Expert. 
I turn conscious, high-performing leaders into champions in their industry.

tell me more!


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