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I'm Brooke! Glad you found me. I'm a Transformational Coach, Consultant and Human Potential Expert. 
I turn conscious, high-performing leaders into champions in their industry.

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Nature is both Creative and Destructive.

So are you. ⚡️

So am I.

Life is comprised of both Order and Chaos.

So are you. ⚡️

So am I.

Every human is effectively both a Hero and a Villain.

So are you. ⚡️

So am I.

You innately have both creative and destructive tendancies, one is not “bad” or “good.” They just are. BUT we’re mostly given the narrative that creativity is positive and destruction is negative.

Which I believe is a huge disservice.

HOWEVER if you are in fact a creative person, for example, you know damn well that the destructive aspect of your process is just as important. 🔥

All those nights writers spend frustrated or throwing chapters away? All those moments when musicians scrap, delete, cross out or full on scream about what they’re doing?

That’s all important.

Even sex, technically the most creative act we can do as a human (creating another life) can often have destructive elements.

“I want to wrip your clothes off.”

“I want to tear you up.”

“I like it rough.”>>>> that’s all Destructive energy.

The point here is that we engage in our dualistic nature, but often won’t give ourselves *permission* to acknowledge that…because we aren’t really taught to.

I often wonder if all those creatives who have taken their own life did so because they weren’t given permission to embrace the duality, so the destructive energy turned inward- on themselves.

Even look at addiction- that’s ultimately a person destroying themselves when perhaps they wouldn’t if they’d been given a better narrative. (Please don’t @ me there. I did work in rehabs for years so I’m not pulling that theory out of my ass.)

I’ve come to realize recently, thanks in part to the shutdown that this pandemic has availed- just how much of my own destructive, chaotic, adversarial energy I judged within myself too.

It took me YEARS to realize that I can’t just keep creating and creating and creating without tearing some things down too. Without subtracting. Without removing. Without annihilating, essentially.

And if I don’t listen to that urge (or I misinterpret it) and purge something externally, that energy will ultimately turn inward and I’ll have either a meltdown or breakdown or burn out.

I think many of you reading this will relate. 🔥

>> I think this “reset” we keep talking about in business is actually the result of the destructive nature we have, that we were possibly ignoring.

Destroying parts of your life or business is just as healthy and necessary as creating is, and I think people forget that. I did.

There’s something inherently satisfying about purging your home or cleaning out drawers or erasing a funnel or deleting thousands of people from your list. Why?

Because your nature is equally creative and destructive. There is no projection of “good or bad” on that either.

I for one am realizing how much time I spent creating in my business for three years straight, pretty much. Which is fine, but NOBODY helped me see how THAT was actually keeping me stuck in many ways.

And you’re watching me clean things out now- I’ve been transparent about that.

And it’s happening collectively too.

For whatever reason, we just can’t ignore this desire anymore. So there’s been a huge movement among entrepreneurs to delete or downsize or re-evaluate at least.

I can’t tell you how many people have come to me and said “I want to kill my business” or “I want to burn it all to the ground.”

It’s a theme. And it’s needed.

And I want to encourage you to lean into that. Keep listening to the BOTH/AND of you.

Here are a few tips-

~This chaotic/destructive desire unmet will manifest as things like:







Frequent cycles of breakthrough and breakdown


Income stagnation or drop

Loss of clientele

Inability to see solution (because you’ve been looking for it in the wrong place)

Burn out

~This desire, acknowledged and met might look like you:

Cleaning up your lists and deleting hundreds or thousands of people


Deleting templates, opt-ins and funnels

Downsizing your team (which might be temporary or permanent)

Breaking through limits suddenly, because you’ve made SPACE for it

Simplifying systems

A full halt of marketing, and replacing it with something totally different

Allowing the dissallusionment to happen, and allowing your identity to shift entirely

GRIEVING all the time you spent trying to push, force or “go bigger” when your soul was calling for the opposite

Scrapping offers

Showing people how weird you reallllllly are

Any of that sound familiar?

This isn’t a one and done thing. It also has to be integrated. The dual natures have to be fully accepted. I didn’t even get into the Hero/Villain or Order/Chaos piece yet!

This is an on going conversation that I’m going to be talking about more.

I’m even doing an entire photoshoot around this concept too- stay tuned for that because there will be two of me in every photo 😉

This isn’t a one and done post either. It’s an ongoing conversation I have with myself, my friends, my clients, my creations and Life Force itself.

If you want to get into an ongoing series of conversations with me about this, reach out. That’s technically what “coaching” is anyway- on ongoing series of conversations that allow your life to integrate who you really are at the Self and Soul level.

Lastly, I’m interested to hear how this post landed for you. Did you learn something. Did you resonate. Did you get insight or clarity about your own life.

I’ve thrown out a lot of rules lately (SHOCKING lol)

I’m getting down with the chaos and the unknown.

And the last thing I’ll leave you with is this:

That movement toward “unity” and “harmony” that everyone talks about?

I’m not here for it. That’s an old consciousness.

We grew out of Unity Consciousness a long time ago…which is WHY Duality even came to be. We evolved into it.

What’s next is the result NOT of merging your dualistic nature, but of keeping it all at play, letting BOTH sides to remain autonomous and letting them come together AT THE SAME TIME.

This aint about merging. It’s about relationship between it all. 🔥


On Your Duality- And Why It’s So Important to Embrace It

May 13, 2020

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law of attraction



I'm Brooke! Glad you found me. I'm a Transformational Coach, Consultant and Human Potential Expert. 
I turn conscious, high-performing leaders into champions in their industry.

tell me more!


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