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I'm Brooke! Glad you found me. I'm a Transformational Coach, Consultant and Human Potential Expert. 
I turn conscious, high-performing leaders into champions in their industry.

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I want to tell you a story. It’s a story about energy, Life force, intention and the power of what can happen when you’re in true communion with nature and with Life.

This is something I believe is so important, more now than ever.

This story took place on 4/4/20, during a ceremony at the Medicine Wheel. 

It will forever be one of the most unforgettable days of my life.

Before I tell you the story of the magic that happened between me, Life and a herd of cattle at the Medicine Wheel, I have to tell you a little bit about ceremony first…

Before I even get to the place where I do a ceremony, I “go into” ceremony. This means I set an intention. I let the journey to the place BE part of the experience. This is a pretty ancient practice but it’s very personal to me.

I had about an hour drive from my home to the farm where the Medicine Wheel was. And so I started having a conversation with Life. I began to set my intentions. Like call and response.

I always go into a kind of trance state when I do this. Like I’m going underneath one layer of reality into another. I can do this at will, like many of you can too.

I’m not going to share all of my intention, because some of this is private for me- but I will say that an aspect of the intention I set as I was driving was : “Let today be a communion with Life. Show me what I need to do to receive more of what I’m asking for.”

Around 3:30 pm I got to the wheel. I parked my car on the side of the backroad near a large rusted gate along the fence line. I started climbing the small hill that lead to the Medicine Wheel…and as I did this I noticed that the pasture was FULL of cows. Not unusual, but they all happened to be in the part of the pasture I was going to be using.

They started swarming me. Not in a dangerous way, more like bees to honey. Their ears perked up when they saw me, and the whole herd started to approach me. As if they knew I was coming, as if they were waiting for me.

This is pretty weird in general, because cows don’t normally flock TO a random human in a field. But herds have been flocking to me like this since I was a little girl in diapers. I have no fear about this or them. And I think they know it.

Anyway, I get to the Guardian Stone…start laying out my candles and crystals…and these cows would not leave me alone. Again, that’s not common. At one point they started picking up my medicine pouch and the little faux sheep skin I had brought to sit on.

This made me laugh.

“Alright yall, that’s cute and all but I need some space. I’m here to do ceremony. Put the bags down, please. Step aside.”

Then I looked to my left, and suddenly started to see what looked like smoke and ash billowing from the fire pit. (There’s a fire pit people use here, just behind the Guardian Stone.)

“Wait what? How is there a fire going?”

Then I realized that the cows were IN the fire pit, kicking up the ashes. One of them started rolling around in it. I know enough about Life and ceremony to know that this was on purpose. And that these cows were not here by accident either.

They were part of the ceremony.

They were here to show me what I had asked for.

So I surrendered to letting them be the Messengers.

“Okay,” I thought to myself, “What are you here to show me?”

The first thing I needed was some space. These cows were all up in my business and I legit couldn’t concentrate- trying to make sure they weren’t eating a bag or knocking over crystals while also having to watch for the ones sniffing my feet and eating my hair haha- that was a lot going on.


I decided to mark the boundary. I walked to the outer ring of stones (the outside edge of the medicine wheel) and sort of stamped my desire along the entire perimeter. “Inside the circle is my space right now, outside the circle is yours. I will let you know when it’s time to come back in. I know this is usually your space, so I’m just borrowing it temporarily.”

I walked the perimeter about three times, vigorously. As I did this, without touching any cows, I just swooshed them to the edge with hand gestures. Once they were all at the edge of the circle, I thanked them and reminded them that I’d let them know when it was time to come back.

This photo shows you what happened. They listened to my energy and lined up at the outer edge of the Medicine Wheel..

They literally lined up like this. Staring at me. But respecting my request. Incredible…

After about 10 minuets of prayer and mediation, I realized several analogies that this had for my life, for my business and even for my relationships and income.

Everything is everything.

“Sweetie, you are so much more in charge of what comes in and out of your life than you think.” Life said. “You can trust this power you have, much more. You can be this intentional with all of your spaces, your relationships and your business.”

So I decided to play with that, right then and there.

The cows still at the edge of the circle, I wondered if I could just switch into receiving mode, energetically, would they notice and start coming back into the circle, to me?

So I shifted the quality and direction of my energy (I know how to do this at will) from “stay there” to “ok, come to me.”

I didn’t say a word out loud. I didn’t move either. I didn’t gesture. I sat in the same place. And just opened my energy into receiving mode.

Within about 5 seconds the cows crossed the boundary, and started walking towards me.

Within about a minute, there were probably 10-15 within a few feet of me.

My energy shifted, and they responded.


I thanked them. I sat with them. I let them. I loved them.

I talked to them and told them how beautiful they were. And played with the babies and we all kind of tossed our heads around in conversations.

Then I asked “Ok what’s next?”

Life responded “Call them in closer. Find the layer of resistance that’s keeping them a few feet away and invite them all the way in.”

This WAS HUGE for me. I often have wondered what I do to accidentally keep certain things at arms’ length.

So I obeyed Life, felt for that resistance, found it, released it and relaxed even deeper into my body and my energy.

The cows responded. And came even closer.

It got to a point where I was calling them out, one by one, by the number of their ear tags, just for fun.

“Okay 83, it’s your turn. Come as close as you want.”

Here’s a photo of that. She came right up!

Remember, I haven’t moved from my spot at the center of the circle.

She’s inches away, from my face, rubbing her muzzle against my yoga pants.

Beautiful right?

This communion continued on for another hour or so. And once the ceremony was “done” and the messages I was meant to receive were complete, the herd slowly began to leave the area and return to other parts of the pasture.

I thanked Life and the herd again. Sent all my love and gratitude. Gathered my things and  walked back down the hill to my car.

Everything is everything. Everything is energy. Life is always responding to us like this…but I believe many humans just get caught up in distractions and forget the Truth.

My desire in sharing this story is to remind people of the Truth, how magnificent Life is and how beautifully symbiotic our relationship with Nature and with Life really is.


So…am I an animal whisperer? Sure.

Does energy work come naturally to me? Yes.

Am I in communion with Life every day, on purpose? Absofuckinglutely.


I want to remind you that your energy is much more powerful than you think it is.

And it’s only the amalgamation of bs thoughts, choices or beliefs you have that keep you out of your real power.

The other piece I need to point out is this:

Animals DO NOT NEED to be forced into things. They don’t need to be corralled or shocked or moved around with ANY KIND OF BRUTALITY WHATSOEVER. (Neither do humans…)

They will listen to people who respect them, and honor them. They naturally listen to humans who are trustworthy and want to share space with them.

Love responds to Love. Life responds to Life.


Farmers or ranchers who berate cows to get them to move? WRONG and UNNECESSARY.

Humans who think they have to get mean or forceful with animals to bend them to their will? WHAT IN THE ACTUAL F.

An entire herd of cows listened to a request I made with my energy. They listened to my presence.

No one was hurt. Nothing was harmed. Everything was left just as it was. But with a little more love.

Because what else did I do when I was out there?

I sent my love to every cow and calf I saw. I sent my love to the stones and the ground and the sky and the birds. (Who came to play too) I sent my love to the Heron flying over head (powerful medicine). I sent my love to the wild turkey I saw. I sent my love to all the people who had come before me on that land. I sent my love and poured my heart and gratitude into that pasture, and like fairy dust it will keep spreading wherever I go.

This is Love Communion with Life.

Give and Take. Ebb and Flow. Send, receive. Ask, surrender.

Act, Be.

And I believe the world needs more of this. Now more than ever.

I’ve taken what these magical creatures showed me that day on the hill. And I’m integrating it into my life. I’m making changes. I’m trusting my presence more, the pure power of my energy more and I will continue to share all of what I learn with the people who decide to work with me.

Everything we need to know is already here for us. Sometimes it’s revealed through ideas, sometimes it’s revealed through mentorship, friendship, a conversation, God, our biology…and sometimes it’s revealed to us through a magical experience on a hill with a herd of cows.



Till next time,


New Earth Integrity

How I Moved a Herd of Cows With My Energy

April 6, 2020

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law of attraction



I'm Brooke! Glad you found me. I'm a Transformational Coach, Consultant and Human Potential Expert. 
I turn conscious, high-performing leaders into champions in their industry.

tell me more!


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