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I'm Brooke Kalan - a transformation life coach and catalyst for rapid fire change. I’m on a mission to help you bust through your upper limits, so you can create what you want in your life.

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HI! So first things first. I’m Brooke Kalan. I’m a Transformational Life and Success Coach and my mission is to elevate the lives and businesses of entrepreneurs, creatives and leaders who are wholeheartedly living their Soul Purpose…or have a non-negotiable desire to start.

What I’m about to share with you has been my experience. I’m sure there are several ways to make 60k in three weeks, 40k in a week and 100k in a day. What makes my way unique is that it requires SOUL PURPOSE and strategy that works.

I’ve always known I was meant for something big. You’ve always known you were meant for something big.  If you’re anything like me, you want to be successful, aligned, help others and do it while living your life. While traveling.

I made this 60k in 20 days, and the most interesting part about it was that it happened while I was traveling, while I was out in the world having fun, seeing friends from all over the world. It didn’t actually require much “work,”- what it did require was a plan, a strategy and fierce alignment to my mission and being very visible with what I was offering my clients.

Now, I want to help you do the same.

A life fiercely aligned to YOUR purpose. On your terms. Making the kind of money YOU want. Playing by your rules with an unshakable mindset.

Here’s what you need to know.

“Life doesn’t respond to wishful thinking. It responds to definite plans. Backed by definite desires. Through faith and constant persistance.” ~Napolean Hill


1) Get crystal clear on what you want and WHY you want it

You have to have definite plans. And make them a non-negotiable. Wishy washy plans don’t cut it. Know exactly what you want your life to feel like, how you want to feel running your biz, how you want to feel in your friendships, relationships and on those vacations you’re taking. Know EXACTLY how much you want to make EACH MONTH. And know EXACTLY where that money is going. Throwing out a rando number that you’re not an emotional or vibrational match to doesn’t work. (Trust me. Tried that. No dice.) Know exactly HOW you’re going to get yourself to that goal. Exactly how many people you want to work with each month and in what capacity.

This means saying yes to what’s aligned and no to what isn’t. You MUST know what you’re no longer available for, and let that shit go. Anything that’s not aligned to YOUR purpose has to go.


2) Get crystal clear on how and who you serve

Decide how you’re going to serve people. Again, if you’re not here to serve people and make a difference in the world, these steps won’t work for you. Decide very specifically who you want to work with. This is important. Know your ideal clients inside and out. Work with them only. This means saying no to services and clients that are not in your alignment.


3) Create a transformation for people that’s IN ALIGNMENT TO YOUR PURPOSE

You aren’t really selling services. You are creating meaningful transformation for others. Again, if selling products or services that you don’t actually care about is your jam, that’s fine…but this is not the place for you. I work with people who create change in the world.

Create programs that serve others and do it in a way that you are 100% on board with. You gotta care deeply about what you’re offering and know the results your clients will receive from working with you. You have to show up FULLY for yourself. Step FULLY into your power and presence and purpose – life will have your back when you do this. Be MORE yourself than you ever have before. What makes you YOU will make you wealthy. Let go of who you “think” you are in order to become the person you REALLY are. That means identifying and moving past limiting thoughts and beliefs that keep you playing small.

GO BIG. Dream bigger than you ever have before. Seriously. This kind of mindset was a turning point for me. It got me out of 5k months and into creating things like 13k weeks, 10k days and onto the track for 500k in 2018.


4) Work backwards from #1 to create your pricing

Everything you’re doing has to be in alignment, including your prices. You can’t get paid to create the life of your dreams unless you have income, lol. So that crystal clear income goal you have from step 1? Work backwards from there and reverse engineer your business. Know the paths to hit your goal. Know the action steps you need. Know the clients you’re dying to work with. Know the programs you create are remarkable.

You gotta have a system yall. Willy nilly shots in the dark won’t work and you’ll wind up frustrated and confused. And what’s the point of creating a biz for yourself if it leaves you frustrated, confused and hustling for income that’s less than what you want?

If you don’t know exactly how to do the things I’ve laid out here:


5) Invest in a Coach

Going big was a turning point for me…and so was investing in a coach. In 2017 I invested 15k into coaching and personal development. The minute I started investing big, my biz took off. Why? Because you MUST invest at the level you see yourself at. If you want the dream lifestyle, you INVEST in someone who’s already living it, so they can show you how. If you want fierce alignment to soul purpose, you invest in someone who’s already doing it so they can show you how. If you want to grow your Soul Purpose into a thriving 6figure+ biz, you invest in transformation that gets you there, from someone who’s already doing it. (This is where I come in.)

If you want to learn a trade of any kind, you find someone you trust to teach you, right? If you want to educate yourself at a high level, you invest in that education, right? This is no different.

If you can’t uplevel on your own, there’s nothing wrong with you! It just means you need insight from someone who already knows how. I happen to be a wizard at this and can show you how to take what you have and grow it into a 6figure+ business.

Honestly, what I’ll teach you is about creating money but it isn’t ONLY about creating money. The money is the byproduct of stepping fully in, owning your worth and claiming the mission you came here to do.

So, now. If you’re ready to rock 2018 and BE THE PERSON you’re meant to be, leading the kind of life you’re meant to live, with the kind of income that allows you to create that easily-

You can get on the phone with me and get started. I’m here to show you.


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How I Made 60k in 20 Days (And You Could Too)

January 5, 2018




law of attraction



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I'm Brooke Kalan - a transformation life coach and catalyst for rapid fire change. I’m on a mission to help you bust through your upper limits, so you can create what you want in your life.

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