The Energetics of Success

Six weeks to
the foundation of your
6 figure business

Imagine having an internal foundation in place to excel in your field. 

Imagine knowing exactly how to leverage your brain, energy and intuition to scale your life and business with ease. Imagine being a magnet for money, for soul-mate clients, for world class travel, for consistent 5 figure months (or 5 figure days!)- and imagine having all of this by being more of who you are.
Seriously. Imagine having it all by simply being more you.

Okay…now imagine knowing how to do that on demand.


welcome to 

The Energetics of Success

I’m here to help you become a magnet for everything you truly want, and need. 

You keep seeing other LEADERS on social media, who seem to be killing it. You keep seeing other entrepreneurs making it big, achieving so much, whisking away to luxury hotels, traveling constantly, strolling down beach boardwalks like a powerhouse. You keep watching in the wings, scrambling, while other people are making 6 figures look easy.

You still feel like you’re working non-stop. Hustling for clients. Spending way too much time engaging in other people’s facebook groups and aimlessly marketing without much traction. Trying to find the time to do more, when all you want is to do less.

You need to BE more and do less, more often. 

Lucky you. You get access to this program, where I’ll show you exactly what that means, so that you can have the kind of sweet, fulfilling success you want too.


You want to live like that too.

What if I told you that you don’t need to do more?

See, if there’s something that’s true about real success it’s this:

It’s the inner work that makes the dream work.

We have to have a strong foundation upon which we build our business and lifestyle. That means a strong mental practice, daily attention to our energy, fierce connection to soul purpose and an intentionally reciprocal relationship with our intuition, our desires, and the Universe. 

You’re probably thinking, “what, so there’s some super secret biz strategy I need to know about?”


We aren’t talking biz strategy at all in here.

We’re talking the fundamentals of being a magnet for what you want.

We’re talking the energetic of real success. 
We’re talking how to be more you, so that you have more money.

How to lean back, so that what you need finds you.

How to seamlessly vacillate between creating and receiving, so you don’t burn out. 

How to let yourself be a beacon, calling in what you want with ease. 

It’s all about your energy. It’s all about the je-ne-sais-quoi that you radiate. It’s the soul-level strut behind the strategy that fuels your entrepreneur ship.

See what I did there? ;)

are you ready for these kind of results:

Crystal clear intentions that rocket your life and business to the next level at lightning speed.

You’re not watching from the sidelines anymore…you’re the one who’s making 6 figures look easy.

Being who you really are so that you become a magnet for what you really want.

An unshakeable Abundance Practice that has you traveling the world, while 5 figure income rolls into your bank account every month.

Knowing exactly how to frame your language, so that what you ask for comes naturally.

Co-creating with Universal energy, so that your energy isn’t so tapped.

You know investing in yourself is a gift that keeps on giving, not just for the time we work together but for the rest of your life.

Tuning in and harnessing practical, spiritual tools on a daily basis, so that you become a beacon for the kind of success you’ve always wanted.

Doing less, being more, more often.

The Energetics of Success 

gives you everything you need to know to create results like these.

"Brooke has this incredible ability to catch all the things that are blocking you from success.” 

-Keshani Kay

“You have to work with Brooke. She’s a freaking genius…This chick can move you forward. She’s like a high-powered beam of light.”

-Lauren Zink

"Her intuition is unbelievable. There is no one I have encountered that possesses the gift Brooke has!"

- Corinne Bond

Topic: The Power of Intention

 Life does not respond to wishful thinking. It responds to definite plans, backed by definite desires, through faith and constant persistence. 

You will:

 Create crystal clear intention

Understand how to tap into and harness that intention, so that it becomes an unshakeable foundation for your life and business

Learn the neuroscience behind the power of intention and how to leverage that to sail into your next level of success

Ready for the Deets?

Module One

Module Two

Module Three

Module Four

Module Five

Module Six

Topic: Feminine and Masculine Energy

You will:

Learn what Feminine and Masculine Energy are

Learn how to use them to create and receive what you want in your life and business

Learn how to seamlessly vacillate between the two

Learn when it’s right for you to lean into Feminine, and when it’s right for you to step into Masculine

Topic: Connecting to Source Energy 

You will:

Develop the power of your Intuition so that you make aligned choices that set you up for success.

Understand what Source Energy is, how to feel it and how to co-create with it so that your life, business and income flow with ease

Topic: Personal Energy

You will:

Learn how to create a daily practice that keeps you connected to Intention, Feminine and Masculine Energy, Source and your Intution (see how this all builds upon itself?)

Learn how to manage your energy so that you are working with, not against, your own personal rhythm

Learn how to harness the energy of your own emotions and desires so that you create consistent momentum and income in your business

Topic: Money and Mindset

You will:

Learn the energetics of money

Learn how to build a healthy, working relationship with money so that you give up the struggle and move into creating cash with ease

Learn how to create a mindset and belief system that supports your wealth and success so that 6 figures becomes second nature to you

Topic: Language and Synchronicity

You will:

Learn why it’s necessary to be very specific with your words, language and intentions

Come to understand that your word is your wand, and watch magic unfold in your life and business as a result

Know exactly how to create statements and requests so that what you claim comes to you with speed and ease

Be given the steps to trace and track synchronicity in your life so that you not only are a magnet for what you want, but so that you FEEL like one too

My intention is for you to learn how to be a beacon for your own 6 figure success. So that exponential success just becomes a non-negotiable aspect of you, like it is for me. So that making 6 figures, while feeling fulfilled, can become a natural part of who you are.

This is how we do it:

(Go ahead and cue that song, cuz it’s probably already started playing in your head too…)

A video Training on each topic

over 6 hours of recorded training + rolling bonus trainings

Access to a Private Facebook Group, where you have virtually unlimited access to me, my brain, my insight, and my time 

"Brooke has the ability to be laser aware and tuned into me. I only wish she would have come into my life many years earlier. I am so grateful to have made this investment in myself."

-Nancy Indiere

"During and since our time together, I’ve been able to change my mindset. I am more confident and I have grown in my business from no team members to nine! I’ve been promoted to Sr. Manager and I’m close to achieving my goal of becoming a Director within the company.”

-Michelle Schomaker

"After one conversation with Brooke, I booked my first 10k client!!!!!! I am shaking. Brooke made me step up and ask for what I feel I'm worth. Literally can't believe it is happening!!! She’s the best at cutting right to the core of a problem and nailing how to move forward.” 

-Mara Ropiel  

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention the obvious here…

It’s not my copy that brought you here. It wasn’t one facebook post, or one Instagram story that had you running through the door to work with me…

It was my energy. The way I show up. Something different about the way I teach or coach or how I see the world. 
9 times out of 10, do you know why people want to work with me?

“There’s something magnetic about you.”

“There’s something magical about you.”

“I’m not sure if I can put my finger on it, but I just know you are exactly what I need.” 

People seek me out, and book.
Multi 6 figures a year is easy.
Don’t you want to run a business or have a career like that too?

Now imagine clients finding you, ready to sign up. 
Imagine being a magnet for the kind of business you want.
Imagine having the confidence to ask for a raise or create the commission you deserve.
Imagine being yourself, and getting paid for it.

Imagine naturally radiating in a way that brings money, committed clients, 5 figure months and sold out offers over and over and over again like clock work.

Become a Beacon for Success

Here’s how:

The Energetics of Success

Enrollment is now open on demand.


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