ApHrodite Rising

The program for women who desire alignment to the full nature of their Soul, Feminine Energy, Integrity and Truth.


That you understand and create from the full essence of your Soul.

That you can seamlessly vacillate between your human and divine natures.

That both your human and divine desires are fulfilled. That there is no conflict between your sexuality and spirituality.

That there is no conflict between the Light and Dark sides of you. You feel at ease, happy and empowered because you feel free to be ALL of you. 

No more compartmentalizing. 

No more shunning some parts of yourself for the sake of others.

You embrace the fierceness of a Goddess, and the sweetness of a child- without judgement.

You are designed to be truly magnetic, bringing all that you desire to you when you yourself have embraced your fullness, y’all.

Most teachers and coaches are only giving you parts of puzzle. But as always, I’m giving you the full blown truth.

Something has been happening. 

A reckoning.

A re- awakening. 
Something really fucking big has been coming.


Making its way, creating its way from and through me for sometime. 

There’s been an invitation for many of us to embody something fiercer.

More potent.

More powerful.

More honest.

A reclamation of TRUE feminine energy.

Full, REAL and magnetic.

Like a divine force is being liberated.

And it’s not just me.

You’re reading this because you’ve felt it too.

Aphrodite is Rising

For decades, if not centuries, people have been ignoring some of the most powerful parts of “Goddess” energy.

The spiritual community has done a huge disservice by diluting the complex nature of Integrity and washing it down to just the pretty, compassionate, “loving” parts.

Love, though, is not JUST kindness and compassion. It’s also fierce at times.

A mother Lion defending her cubs? That’s LOVE and it’s not nice or polite.

Most of the Goddesses that initiated all the “goddess energy” you’ve come to know were ruthless, fearless bitches sometimes too.
Who tolerated zero bullshit.
Who unleashed fury when crossed.
I’m here to show you how to embody ALL aspects of your Integrity – the sweet AND the bold. The spiritual AND the sensual. The beauty AND the fire.

Divinity is not just soft and sacred. It’s also strong, seductive and powerful. 

This is more aligned with Truth than the one-sided version of femininity you’ve been taught.

For months now, I’ve been channeling a rising.

It’s bigger than any energy I’ve felt before.

It’s enormous, magnetic, potent…Pure Life Force. It’s the energy of ALL of Love and full out Integrity.

And the name that’s continued to drop into my consciousness as this has happened, over and over again for months, is “Aphrodite.”

And the message that keeps coming as She does is “you’re here to show women how to truly own all aspects of themselves so that they experience the magic and wonder of what their power can create.”

And so…Aphrodite Rising was born.

And this is my intention for this program- that this be the way for you to come home to all that YOU are, so that everything you want comes to YOU.

I want you to leave this experience feeling like it was the best investment you could have made in yourself.


How This Program Came To Be 

In the Spring of 2019, when this rising started happening, the fact that this energy was Aphrodite surprised me. 

“But I thought she was the Goddess of Love and Beauty?”

“Yes, dear. She is. And you are here to teach women to BE MORE OF IT.”

So I let this percolate…for a hot minute.

And over Lions’ Gate in August, the puzzle was finally revealed to me in a wild meditation with my guides, Archangels and well, God.

I closed my eyes, like I normally do.

Became present with my energy, like I always do.

And then something unexpected SUDDENLY happened.

My energy shot up right through my body, past the Earth, past the solar system, like a container was peeled away from me and I could finally be my fullest self. 

And it was fucking HUGE. Big enough to rest her feet on Jupiter as she peers out across the galaxies.

Which she did, as my eyes were closed. 

And in that moment I asked, “what are you showing me?”

My guides responded:

“This is how big you actually are. This is Goddess Energy. Humans have been doing it all wrong. Goddesses don’t just wear cute little crowns of flowers on their heads and dance gently in fields of daisies. They are galactic Queens with power and dominion over their reality.

And you are here to show other women how to embrace this too.”

Aphrodite Rising isn’t just a program, it’s a channeled mission and a movement. 

And you’re here to claim your part in it.

Your soul already knows this. Your soul may have already known that this program was coming- because people who want to work with me are typically in the same energy matrix as I am. I’m merely a few steps ahead because my soul purpose happens to be in leading others to their Integrity.

This container is unlike anything I’ve ever created…because it wasn’t just me creating it.

It was something much bigger than me wanting to be birthed out into the world.

You need this. I need this. We all need this.

The TRUE feminine dimension of God needs to be reclaimed.

It’s been cast out, ignored or diluted for far too long.

Your TRUE nature has been cast out, ignored or diluted for far too long too.

And it’s time for you to reclaim it.

You, my dear, are so much more than you think you are.

And Aphrodite Rising is here to show you all that you are.

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This is not just a series of “classes.”

This is a journey that will reveal, restore, invoke, amplify and liberate you

This isn’t just going to inform you- it will change you.

 It will shift the trajectory of your life, for the better, forever.

 It will open you, expand you, clarify you, empower you. The TRUE you. So that you begin to command the creation of your reality and live out your destiny. 


Your True Nature is Human AND Divine: How to Honor your Human Desires AND Expand into your Divinity 

We will move through this like a journey, and these pieces will be covered:

Sexuality is Spirituality- Separation is Just an Illusion

The Art of Reading your Emotions as Direct Messengers from Your Soul

Activating Expression Codes

Activating Emotion Codes

Accessing Soul Expansion Codes

Reclaiming Your Power and Powers

Embracing and Leveraging Your Feminine Energy

Embodying the Rising Within You

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PAID IN FULL by Wednesday, October 23rd at Midnight



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sign me up

payment plan



Four Biweekly Payments of $222

6 weeks of Live Trainings, meditations, activation codes and calibration all inside a private Facebook Group

The investment

Your soul needs expansion, possibility , freedom and ascension. 

If you feel like this is meeting you where you are, it’s for you.

If you’ve felt this call or rising inside of yourself this year, it’s for you.

If you’re feeling triggered, it’s for you.

The women who get into this energetic container are going to be launched more deeply into their soul purpose. They will feel both restored by and catapulted into the magic of Feminine Energy. They will feel closer to God. They will have an unshakeably trusting relationship with their emotions, their Integrity, their Soul and their destiny. They will receive more- more love, more money, more opportunities. 

Life is about to get magnificently more meaningful and magical. 

Doors close forever on November 3rd at midnight. The journey begins Monday, November 4th.

Join by October 31st, and you receive a VERY special Bonus Training and Activation, Live on November 1st.

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See you on the inside

Your soul requires the Reclamation of the fullness of your feminine energy. And I’m here to be your guide to it.

There’s one more thing I want to mention.

On a final note...

We are not just in the last few months of 2019...we are in the last few months of this DECADE
And I invite you to feel into how momentous that is.

This program is not just going to lead you into the fullness of who you ARE- it’s a way for you to clear away all of the pieces of the past 10 years that no longer serve you. It’s the way for you to release who you are not.

The patterns. Thoughts. Habits. Fears. Shame. Guilt. Programming and conditioning. All those things that have been holding you back.

This is your invitation to rise and declare who you are and what you desire, powerfully, as you move not just into a new year....but into a new decade.

A new era of your life.

Do you see how profound it is that you found me and this program at this exact time?

It’s no coincidence.

This container is sacred. Special. Timed perfectly.

And it won’t be offered again.

Doors are open now. It’s time to claim your spot before the portal closes.

The transformation you’re looking for is here.

The integration you want is here.

The Activation for your Soul, purpose and destiny is here.

It’s all waiting for you on the inside.

See you there.