The Radiance Vortex

For the high-level woman who desires energetic expansion, a luxury portal into more of her feminine energy and Initiation into her radiant magic. 

This is the most powerful, beautiful, potent, nourishing,
in-Person activation

          I've ever created 

The Radiance Vortex is a powerful 2 day, 1:1 experience with me as your Guide.

These will feel like part Mystery School retreat, part Power Journey, part Luxury spa-day and part hitting the town for cocktails-

I want you to feel like you have the space and the permission to be fully expressed.

Day One: The Initiation

Day Two: The Activation

-We meet in a lovely suite, at a luxury hotel in midtown Nashville
-We begin with a Clearing Ceremony 
-Energy Activation
All held in the evening, under the light of the moon

-Followed by your Intention Setting

-The night closes with what Toltec Mystery School called a will return to your room in silence and journal + meditate on what is being channeled and called forward through you
-Dream journaling 

-Return to the suite, silence vow lifted and time to share and process what came through
-I will help you activate and deliver my powerful insight

-Energy Work, Healing and Craniosacral treatment with me
(this is a unique experience you will never forget)

-Deconditioning and unlocking Purpose and Radiance Gene Keys

-Massage, relax, integrate...

2 hour break

Day Two,
Part Two...Night Magic

-Party dresses on, VIP reservations at the rooftop lounge

-Champagne Toast

-VIP dinner and cocktails

-Dancing, with the skyline of Nashville as our backdrop

-More coaching and guidance will come over our conversations at dinner


+Radiance Codes, Life Force Codes, Expansion Codes

My desire is for this experience to feel luxurious, expansive, nourishing to your soul.
Relaxing, magnetic, magical
Powerful, healing

With a twist of fun and flirtation with life. 

“Brooke has this unexplainable ability to see into my subconscious and bring it to light. She makes me feel as though the broken parts of myself are being pieced back to together. When I leave my sessions with her, I feel alive, filled with purpose and connected both physically and spiritually. Her intuition does not come from this is a gift that she has been given. There is no one I have encountered that possesses the gifts Brooke has.”

- Corinne Bond

"I see myself in a new light. I feel electric, expanded, able to tune in. I feel the current of source energy coarsing through me for the first time. The magic Brooke brings to the table when you work with her in person is unparalleled and revolutionary."

- Sarah Barrette

"You have to work with Brooke. She's a freaking genius...She's like a high-powered beam of light. A cosmic goddess with soul deep answers that unlock the universe for anyone in her sphere.” 

- Lauren Zink