Magnetic Wealth Codes

The Masterclass for men and women who desire to Activate, Amplify and Magnetize more wealth into all aspects of their lives.

I'm going to tell you one of the secrets in this universe:

Grief is meant to break you open, so that your heart can open wider.

Joy is meant to expand you, so that your heart can open wider.

Passion is meant to be a fire within you, so that your heart can open wider.

The more you let Life open and evolve and refine you, the more capacity you have to give and receive. Because the more magnetic you become.

My version of Wealth is about being so open, natural, attuned and expansive from the inside out, that you naturally experience more coming from the outside in.

This universe will always provide the energetic match for your honest internal landscape.

More love, more passion, more sex, more joy, more power, more purpose, more money, more emotional intelligence.

The wellspring opens from the inside, out.

I teach this version of wealth

welcome to magnetic wealth codes 

with Brooke Kalan

Where I will teach and support you in experiencing all of that.

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This is not an ordinary Masterclass.

I am not just some other "coach" regurgitating a trend for you.

This is a two hour experience that includes teaching, Activation, meditation and Coding...from someone who's been studying, living and learning to embody energetics for almost two decades. 

Everything I teach is also channeled, in the moment. 
As a Self Projected Projector in Human Design, there is innate magic in my voice and in what I say. 

So when I teach and guide, there is a potency that is unique and unparalleled. 

What you can expect

A bit about me...

Here's what I know to be true...

> A Two Hour Masterclass 

> 2 hours of content, for $222

>Lifetime Access to the content (the replay will be up forever)

>All content is housed inside a private Facebook Group

I am a Clairvoyant.
Wealth, Purpose and Radiance Activator.
Energetics Expert and Healer.
 Luxury Lifestyle and Magnetic Energy Coach.
High Performance Consultant for multi 6-7 figure moguls.

I’m a former psychotherapist with a background in Psychology and Neuroscience from Vanderbilt University, and a Masters in Clinical Social Work. Bolstered by my Rebel-hearted nature, a 6 year apprenticeship with a Toltec Shaman, 16 years doing healing/energy work and my profound Clairvoyant abilities, I transitioned out of the conventional 9-5 world became a world-renowned Coach, Consultant and Activator for purpose-driven leaders and enterprises in 2016. 

My insights into human nature, business, self-mastery and leadership have been featured in Today Show, Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, Top 50 Podcasts and the TedX stage. 

I've worked with 500+ clients in 12+ countries 

And have 16 years experience working with clients 1:1, leading international retreats, creating + leading group programs for men and women and pioneering new paradigms of Thought, Body-Based Intelligence, Energetics and Deconditioning-Based Transformation

The best 30-50k months I’ve had have all had one thing in common: 

I was in a state of ease. 

When I look over the last three years of my life/business, the months that I’ve made the most money, I was resting more than I usually do

Like legit nap queen status

I was often in travel mode 

I wasn’t stagnant. 
I was inspired, curious.
I was energized. 
My energy was both relaxed and open.

I was often experimenting with something like “how many hours of time off can I get away with? 4 days off a week? A week off every month?”

I’m not saying this bc it’s convenient. 
Let’s keep it real...I’ve had good high income months... AND I’ve had shitty ones where I felt gross, hustled and worn TF out. 

And when I look back, I was - for whatever reasons- in a more magnetic state whenever I made fuck tons of money in a way that felt good.

I’ve taught Money before. 
Money the magnetic way is included in Magnetic Wealth Codes. 

AND for me, “wealth” isn’t just about money. It’s about rest, love, friendship, great sex, passion, luxury, comfort, style, happiness, feeling creative and abundant from the inside out.

This Masterclass will blow you away. 

I'm a little Chanel, a little Rock and Roll and all kinds of Magic.

The VIP Option

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For the men and women who are committed to a deeper process and 1:1 time with me

There is a VIP Option to access 2 sessions with me after the Masterclass 

A 1:1 Wealth Coaching session
A 1:1 Energy Coding session 

Valued at $3333
With this Masterclass, this option is just $2222

My desire is for this experience to feel luxurious, expansive, nourishing to your soul. Magnetic, magical
Powerful, illuminating

With a twist of fun and intrigue. 

“Brooke has this unexplainable ability to see into my subconscious and bring it to light. She makes me feel as though the broken parts of myself are being pieced back to together. I feel alive, filled with purpose and connected both physically and spiritually. Her intuition does not come from this is a gift that she has been given. There is no one I have encountered that possesses the gifts Brooke has.”

- Corinne Bond

"I see myself in a new light. I feel electric, expanded, able to tune in. I feel the current of source energy coursing  through me for the first time. The magic Brooke brings to the table when you work with her  is unparalleled and revolutionary."

- Sarah Barrette

"You have to work with Brooke. She's a freaking genius...She's like a high-powered beam of light. A cosmic goddess with soul deep answers that unlock the universe for anyone in her sphere.” 

- Lauren Zink

Are you ready?

The Masterclass for men and women who desire to Activate, Amplify and Magnetize more wealth into all aspects of their lives.

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The masterclass
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Magnetic Wealth Codes

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