The Mastermind for women who desire embodying their new level of
Wealthy, Wild and deeply Feminine.  

Wealthy by choice. Wild at heart.
Feminine by nature.

 My desire came through to create this container for you as I was contemplating what it means to embody “the rich, wild, feminine woman”

*To stabilize between 6-7 figures, and ENJOY her wealth vs feeling strapped to the business

*To dominate her finances, her career, her reality while also submitting deeply into her feminine radiance, with an open heart

I see so many women who have accidentally sacrificed one or two for the sake of the others.

Maybe you have built success and wealth, but have burned out.

Maybe you are a woman who has refocused on your feminine energy, yet saw your income sliding as an accidental result.

Have you been over thinking, over strategizing, playing "the good girl" or striving for perfection in your business? And feeling disconnected from your feminine essence as a result?

Do you appear to be so feminine on the outside, yet still attract men who do not fully commit to you with devotion?

I believe you know and feel that something is off, but can't see the blind spot on your own. 

You are not alone.
There is nothing wrong with you.

None of those dilemmas are who you really are, and they pale in comparison to the magnitude of what you came here to do. 

welcome to LUminous

with Brooke Kalan

Where I will teach and support you in experiencing and embodying all of a pace that is spacious and nourishing.

In LUMINOUS, you will come to embody your true feminine essence, your feminine worth, your desire for full devotion from men and money

Your income will STABILIZE, without the huge highs and low crashes

You will come home to your connection to nature and to your own unique magic

You will understand what "balance" really means and how to inhabit it in your life, your relationships and your business

You will come to INHABIT wealth at a new level, claim your wildness and still bask deeply in your Feminine Essence

Wealthy by choice. Wild at heart. Feminine by nature 

I want to support you in having the holy trinity - a life full of love, abundant money and magic 

You no longer need to play guessing games or consume confusing, contradicting information about Feminine Wealth (yes, there is a lot of junk out there that is mis-information)

You see, there is a delicate balance between determination to be and stay rich, wealthy and successful (masculine energy)

While honoring callings to come home to your natural state and your unique magic. (feminine energy)

The balance is difficult to see on your own, but becomes effortless with me as your guide. 

There is a delicate balance in being wild at heart, loving and unwilling to conform in a world that is designed to confuse you. 

The balance is difficult to find on your own, but is demystified easily when you work with me. 

And let's be HONEST here,  I decided I wanted to prioritize f*ck loads of money, hot sex, fun, my wild side AND stay sane, stable, multi-6figure successful and radiant. That is a feat.
And I figured it out. I want to show you how you can enjoy it all too.

This is not an ordinary Mastermind

I am not just some other "coach" regurgitating information for you.

I will not be overfilling your already full plate with loads of guest speakers, superfluous trainings or PDF's. I am a Projector. I am efficient and to the point. I do not waste people's time just to put another "value point" on the menu

LET'S BE HONEST - I decided I wanted to prioritize f*ck loads of money, sex, fun, my wild side AND stay sane, stable, successful and radiant. That is a feat, and I figured it out. I want to show you how you can enjoy it all too.

A slow, steady, effortless pace is my intention.

Everything I teach, every transmission you receive is also channeled, in the moment. 
As a Self Projected Projector in Human Design, there is innate magic in my voice and in what I say. 

So when I teach and guide, there is a potency that is unique and unparalleled. 

What you can expect

A bit about me...

My journey...

> Four months with me as your guide, beginning Feb. 22 2023

> One 1:1 call each month

>One group call each month

>1-2 channeled transmisisons delivered to our Telegram group each week

> An open, flowing container for questions, shares and my feedback in our Telegram group

I am a Clairvoyant.
Wealth, Purpose and Radiance Activator.
Energetics Expert, Healer and Coach.
 Founder of Primal Genius™ and Feminine Energy Codes.
High Performance Consultant.

A mouthful right? LOL

I’m a former psychotherapist with a background in Psychology and Neuroscience from Vanderbilt University, and a Masters in Clinical Social Work. Bolstered by my Rebel-hearted nature, a 6 year apprenticeship with a Toltec Shaman, 16 years doing healing/energy work and my profound Clairvoyant abilities, I transitioned out of the conventional 9-5 world became a world-renowned Coach, Consultant and Activator for purpose-driven leaders and enterprises in 2016. 

My insights into human nature, feminine business, self-mastery and leadership have been featured in Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, Top 50 Podcasts and the TedX stage. 

I help leaders shed the conditioning and stories of who-they-think-they-are, get crystal clear about who they REALLY are, so they shift into magnetic energy and UNLEASH their full potential. 

I've worked with 500+ clients in 12+ countries 

And have 16 years experience working with clients 1:1, leading international retreats, creating + leading group programs for men and women and pioneering new paradigms of Thought, Body-Based Intelligence, Nervous System Regulation, Feminine Energetics and Deconditioning-Based Transformation

My journey into Feminine Energy began around 2005, when I began apprenticing under a Toltec Shaman whose teachings integrated deep and ancient wisdom of the Divine Feminine.

I learned to trust Life, to deeply surrender, to balance the courageous side of me with the tender. To return to a deep love and devotion to the body, my senses and to the sacredness of Life...

And then came the trials and tribulations.
I have always been an over-achiever, always a high performer and have always had a deep desire to be the best, feel special and succeed- ever since I was a little girl. I've always felt driven to create and achieve great things...a straight A student, the youngest on the competition team for Horseback Riding, selected to be on Dance Teams, taking all AP classes, placing out of my freshman year at Vanderbilt etc etc 

And I was burned out by the age of 19. Tired, depressed.

The same pattern repeated in my 20's- I found I hated 9-5 because I couldn't sustain long periods of work. I didn't have the energy for it...For a long time, I assumed something was wrong with me...

In my 30's, when I started side businesses...I'd work my ass off. Hustle, feel motivated, go the distance, handle it all myself...and burn out.

When I became a Coach around 2016, I built my business on Masculine Energy- go go go. Do, do do. Sheer willpower and determination probably kept me going...and I soared pretty quickly into 6 figures...

And burned out again.
Exhausted. Depleted. Frustrated. 

It wasn't until I decided to stop. Slow TF down. Do some serious soul searching, explore the depths of my Human Design and Gene Keys that I was REMINDED of those teachings I had been given so long ago....

I started honoring my body and its natural rhythm again.
I learned how to lean back. To BE magnetic. 

I gave myself permission to rest more...a lot more.
I gave my mind a break, and leaned into my heart. 
I woke the Feminine back up in me

I let success feel different. I let myself feel taken care of BY life. I nourish myself and my soul.
I prioritize my Radiance, my beauty, my wildness and my desire for Luxury. 
I practice deeper appreciation and celebration. I have FUN.

The current of my Life and my Business feels magical, fluid and magnetic today. 
And so here in this class, I am combining 16 years of teaching and magic with the lessons Ive learned along the way...

TheTwo Levels of Luminous 

LUMINOUS is offered at two levels

GOLD Level:

One 1:1 per month
One group call per month 
Weekly transmissions and Telegram group access 

4K in full or $1111 per month


Everything in Gold, plus an additional 1:1 call per month 
AND private Telegram channel with me for the entire 4 months
8k in full or $2222/month 

(which is a STEAL, by the way - a 1:1 call alone with me starts at $1111)

My desire is for this experience to feel luxurious, expansive, nourishing to your soul.
Relaxing, magnetic, magical
Powerful, healing. An integration of all sides of you

With a twist of fun, kink and flirtation with's me, afterall ;)

"Brooke’s work is powerful as hell. I left our call ready to dance with life again and step back into my feminine power. I can already feel and see new stages being reached in my business and relationships and I’m channeling this energy to my clients, too. In a world where our nervous systems are constantly in overdrive, working with Brooke is always an activation. If you have any questions about using Brooke as a guide back home to your essence, it is a no-brainer. As a coach myself, she reminded me why mentors desire mentors—and why energy trumps all in quantum leaping."

-Courtney Meadows

"I see myself in a new light. I feel electric, expanded, able to tune in. I feel the current of source energy coursing  through me for the first time. The magic Brooke brings to the table when you work with her  is unparalleled and revolutionary."

- Sarah Barrette

"You have to work with Brooke. She's a freaking genius...She's like a high-powered beam of light. A cosmic goddess with soul deep answers that unlock the universe for anyone in her sphere.” 

- Lauren Zink

Are you ready?

For the successful women who want to come home to
and embody a truly new level of wealthy, wild and deeply feminine 

Gold, I'm in

I will shimmer

4k in full 
Or $1111/ month

8k in full
or $2222/month


Please make sure to send me a DM on Instagram or Facebook saying "I'm in!" so that I can welcome you and celebrate this choice you've made.